How To Win A Game On DeepVerse

Sometimes you need a small guide to move ahead and win something big, so today I'm going to tell you how to play and win a game on the deepverse website, I have seen too many comments about how to win or someone should share a tip or a cheat to win games on deepverse.

Winning a game on deepverse is easy, it only requires your attention and your brain thinking, and people only learn and win after falling something, so there's nothing to worry about I have made money from deepverse sofar and I fail before I reach the point of winning so there's is no any big deal on that.

If you want to win any game on deepverse like the crash, keno, dice, and the others you should first select the one you are interested in playing and study it well considers how you fail or win from there you will understand where your winning and failing chance is up to.

Here I'm not sharing all tricks on how to win all the games available on deepverse because that's not the right thing though I will give you my experience with the crash game and how to win it on the deepverse website.

Here's How To Play Crash Game On DeepVerse And Win

This is what I do daily to make money on DeepVerse via Crash betting.

• First of all, raise capital. The minimum you can start with is ₦2,100.

• Once you have ₦2,100 deposited into your DeepVerse account. Look for the space labeled Payout, erase the default 1.98 odds, and input 3.00 there. 

As for the amount to bet on each Crash session, your first stake amount is ₦100. In the space labeled Amount, input ₦100 and click on BET. The rocket will start moving up as well as the odds which will also be increasing. 

If you didn't sign up on DeepVerse sign up Here.

Once the rocket moves to a point where the odds have increased to 3.00, your bet will be WON, but if the rocket crashes before moving up to 3.00, your bet will be lost.

Anytime You Lose A Bet, Do This!

Whenever your bet is lost, multiply your lost amount by 1.50, whatever result you get after the multiplication stake the amount on the next rocket before it moves. If you win your fifth bet after losing four times in a row, all your lost money will be recovered and you will still make a profit. 

To make ₦3000 which is the minimum withdrawal of DeepVerse, all you need to do is keep betting on the rocket using my strategy, your profit will increase to ₦3000, once you earn ₦3000 you can withdraw it to your bank account.

Example Of How I Stake On DeepVerse Daily

I will set my preferred odds to 3.00
I will start my crash betting with a bet of ₦100. 

Whenever I lost a bet, I will multiply the lost amount by 1.50

Bet 1: ₦100, let's assume I lost it.

Bet 2: ₦100 multiplied by 1.50 = ₦150

I will stake ₦150 in the next crash session. Let's assume I lost this too. 

Bet 3: ₦150 multiplied by 1.50 = ₦225

I will stake ₦225 in the next crash session.
Let's assume I won this. Remember my preferred odds were set at 3.00 My winnings will be ₦225 multiplied by 3.00, and my winnings = ₦675. 

Let's remove my previous losses to see if I make a profit. ₦100 was lost, ₦150 was lost that's ₦250 deducted from my winnings (₦675) that's ₦425, if we remove my Bet 3 stake (₦225) my profit after losing twice will be ₦200.

I have been doing this on the DeepVerse website since three weeks ago and am yet to hit a 6 losing streak. If you make ₦200 per WIN, all you need is WIN 15 times to make ₦3000 daily on DeepVerse.

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