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I have them to my website and please don’t forget to like common subscribe to jeffrey and topic what smart money some returns and how many my car insurance should have when i’ve still got my no claims bonus i had a car accident in october two thousand and twenty one which was not my fault and untrue a gentleman crashed into side of the my car my car answer and and nephew mutual settle for the claim for two thousand pounds terribly as the car was a right of and confirm that my


My know claims discount was not effective i bought a similar car but when my car in some renewal arrived premium had increased two hundred and eighty it was totally to six hundred and eighty four pounds sterling is that right and the answer is and no claims bonus also known as no them discount is present then discount that your insurers take off your instrument premium to reward you for not claiming on your insurance suppose for instance you have no claims bonus of thirty percent you will by

Self one hundred euro where you would otherwise have paid one thousand euro for it’s consensus on security if your that you have not claimed or have not met a claim that events the discount the discount increases saw your answer might be word a you thirty percent for the one year read up claims but five claims are free years under your belt my net you six percent handling of for your car instagram can feel daunting but in sewers remain city to it and in many cases in expect in some insurers will make a point of or were being renew ours are generous no claims bonuses in their marketing but it is important to compare the first final court with any discounts included to debts or mine which is the best deal


So why did your brain you go up if you’re been as did not go down well the catch with no claims bonuses is that while they show you from the full amount you would otherwise be charged they do not prevent that brand new and and therefore the discounted amount of your pay from in christian this does not explain what actually pushed the price up and though there could be several reasons and in service tend to be secretive about how they have been put together your prices however the following two factors may have played a role even though you weren’t not to blame to your for a coalition broadly speaking in the service considered dry first that will have recently been involved in an accident to be higher risk then drive for who have not and this is reflected in the


Their premium fortunately this effect reduce offered time secondly car insurance premiums have more generally been on the rice they were at a seven year low at the beginning of this year and according to an association of greatest answers but claims inflation it is racist of cars in repairing and replacing cars have since began pushing them obviously you meaning that cause tumors renewing many now be facing an unwelcome issue price indeed a recent which investigation found that around half of finish and also members with car insulin saw their prime premium go up in the first half of this year


Fortunately it is not all bad news if you are not satisfied with the price you have been given at renewal by your insert eight the romance well worth your while to shop around south us very much check comparison sites to see if there are more company video deals with satisfactory come for the if they ever there are you should consider switching which members surveyed this summer that switch insurers last renewal and it is weird are angry paid on an average for for the mystery euro less then two space put ever you generally happy with your kunar province


Later though then handling is your best them to so thank you for watching and don’t forget to like common and subscribe i will come to my channel and is don’t forget to like common and subscribe to do bring a topic couple transparency technology help secure best insurance rates transparency along with safety related investment in technology and personally continue to emerge as the keys to help fleet secure memorable answer and rates bugs brendan human mean super and associate thus probation practice leader or scariest at to act on such matter months before that a policy are up for renewal


Put for active coaching staffs in place he said during a weapon or hosted by the truck what carriers association or tch nuclear for decks are on the rice give yourself twelve months to put key ingredients in place it gives you time to evaluate and answer and career it is more important than ever for it’s are facing challenges that including and that includes rising in certain grades decreasing insurance availability and unpredictable costs site said italy founder and chief in first an officer hidden party who moderate the discussion if let’s do not have


Do not use the data they have plaintiffs’ attorneys will use it against them when claimed arises groovy any added nothing that available technology provides loads of useful information to set drivers on the proper bath kerry fall healthy national was send year vice president commercial i don’t be an ass noted that answers explore fleet safety cultures as well as trafford and fake of files and also it is why and things like optimized roots are becoming ever more important than it does behind the instrument policies this fleets that are rapidly growing would need to show they have the capacity


As well as the right people and technology to handle the growth and also it is that it by fly healthy


-and approaching claims when claims to curb to said weights and need to know whom will be handling the files efraim drive for a little later violation could be lead to bigger problems in the future after around it is why guney stress the importance of training and retraining if someone is involved in a coalition plaintiffs’ attorneys one care if it was the first such a coalition in the past five years warning signs need to be intensified an address and also track trucking companies should approach and new like preparing for test fuel any of for advice when an underwriter ask a broker question and answer are ready the process is easy he added acer mike assume the worst if a flip is not transparent


Flaherty said if a problem or issue is discovered letter it leaves a bad taste and could affect their relationship and that censorship is a valuable set as you can see as fantasy that relationship is so valuable said it is of fact than an opinion because if some money losing and trust or trust with and the people are and the insurance


Member are also and me you know kind of way group or company and it will to fight bad form itself or for the company because you will lose the consumer and also which means you lose your money and it will make a bad decision for you and you and your an economy on your company will be collapse because you lost you lose trust and also lose the relationship between become funny and also are the consumer so i think our



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