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Indiana that spanned by vast fields of corn and soybeans making one of the most agriculturally productive states in the country stunning sand dunes one of the only national parks in the midwest stand hundreds of feet tall over the shores of lake michigan and beautiful forests hills and river valleys cover much of the state southern half home to a major city a number of smaller ones as well as the suburbs of one of the largest metropolis is no world it’s home to a fairly large population a former industrial powerhouse who’s limestone and steel built some the country’s most famous buildings it’s a maintains an important role in the country indiana is a unique in fascinating state in the twentieth place i will cover in the


Us explained a fifty six part series on every state territory and federal district in the country by order of admission hello and welcome to that is interesting i’m your host carter this is the u s explained episode twenty indiana according to the cabin climate classification the long thin state is divided almost perfectly and half between to climate zones the southern half in the humid subtropical climate zone with hot summers mild winters in humidity in the northern half in the cooler hot summer humid continent


Oh climate zone with four distinct seasons hot summers and cold winters it’s just about in the middle in terms of rainfall getting an average forty one point eight six inches of precipitation a year which places it a twenty seventh out of the fifty states the southern half of the state generally gets a little more precipitation in the northern half it’s divided between two time zone as well most of the states it’s in eastern time including it’s largest city indianapolis but the northwestern in southwestern corners are both in central time both are due to the location of cities there near state lines in the north west suburbs of chicago like gary hammond in portage sit not far from the illinois border nearly seven hundred thousand p


People live in chicago’s indiana suburbs and fifty thousand and commute across state lines everyday for work with the region revolving around the city in another state it wouldn’t make sense to divide some chicago suburbs into a different time zone so they’re located in central it’s a similar situation with southwestern indiana the quarter of which juts out between the illinois in kentucky the indiana city of evansville located they’re not far from the other two states so it in a number of surrounding counties are in central as well though these corners take up very little than the and his land over seventeen percent of it’s population is any different time zone for most of the state it’s nicknamed the hoosier state and people from indiana are officially known as hoosiers it’s the only official state eminem that isn’t based off of the state’s name and it’s a term hoosiers are proud of and you’ll never really hear anyone from indiana


Call themselves indianians or anything else no one can seem to agree on how the term hoosier came to be in there are a number of different theories that the indiana state government lists such as it coming from a native american word for in that might not exist being the last name of a boat owner who like the hire workers from indiana being a shortened version of who’s here when people knock on cabin doors or even who’s year after bar fights broke out the theory that i found most compelling and that the state government lists as the most probable traces it to the saxon word for hill who in cumberland or region in the north of england just south of the scottish border this word for hill became who’s her immigrants from cumberland the theory goes brought the word with them to the united states where it turned into hoosier and came to be used for people who live in the hills in the hilly southern part of indiana the word caught on and local started using it to refer to themselves i’m sure there are many other theories as well if you’re from indiana go let me know in the comments were you think the word hoosier originated for

Drom as a lot of early highways and routes west cross through indiana you’re also here it nicknamed the crossroads of america the word indiana comes from the term indians a misnomer for the indigenous people of the americas that was given by christopher columbus who had been trying to reach what europeans called the indies the indies referred to all of asia from india all the way to countries like malaysia indonesia and the philippines that’s where columbus initially thought he landed and called the local native people indians a term that was used for much of history but has fallen out of use considering it’s incorrect and confusing even today the islands of the caribbean are collectively called the west indies in seventeen sixty three the powerful holding the shoney or iroquois confederacy set aside a section of land they conquered and what is now west virginia for a away and company from philadelphia


The company reference the iroquois in naming the section of land calling in indiana or the land of the indians virginia who’s colonial claims were enormous disputed it and won out over the so named indiana land company eventually though as the us will breaking up the massive lands once claimed by virginia they needed names for the new states and territories in the case of indiana he took up the name of the former indiana land company even though they had not used the name for the same land if you’ve seen other videos new us explained you know i’m not a fan of the state seal on blue background design which indiana does not do though it has the dark blue background which is pretty overuse there’s no


Oh states your and it as a simple and recognizable design that looks good and makes it stand out all and gold it shows a torch for liberty with rays of light shooting out in nineteen stars in various rings around it as indiana was the nineteenth state and it says indiana and very small writing i think it’s a really nice flag in my opinion one of the bed thursday flight designs in the country indiana takes up thirty five thousand and eight hundred twenty six square miles or ninety two thousand seven hundred eighty eight square kilometers this place is it on the smaller side at thirty eight out of the fifty states in all the states that border it are larger it’s slightly smaller than kentucky and slightly larger than me it’s population however is on the larger side with six point seven nine million people it ranks seventeenth out of the fifty states less people than tennessee but more than maryland home to a large city a number of smaller cities rural areas that are fairly heavily populated as well as the suburbs of a number of major out of state cities in


Yana has a population density that’s on the higher side with one hundred eighty nine residents per square mile or seventy three per square kilometer it sits at sixteen out of the fifty states with a lower population density the north carolina but he higher one that georgia indiana sits in the north central park of the eastern half of the u s in the region known as the midwest it’s also part of the region known as the rust belt a former powerhouse of industrial cities and towns surrounding the great lakes which has since seen some of the most severe population decline in job loss in the country in recent decades as industrial jobs were replaced by automation and and outsourced overseas gary once a major city that was one of the larger cities in the stay in a huge center of steel manufacturing has also been one of the hardest hit places by the decline of the rust belt seeing as population decreased by sixty one percent one of the highest rates of any city in the country so much so that much of it’s downtown is a band


And in ruins and is often seen as the epitome of industrial decline in america in the issues the rust belt faces overall though indiana is faring better than most of it’s rust belt neighbors while states like michigan illinois ohio and pennsylvania have seen a much more stagnant plateau and population indiana saw the same trends but in the last few decades has seen it’s population increase again pretty significantly making it a bit of a regional outlier it’s been powered by growth in indianapolis and it’s suburbs as well as the suburbs of lou avoid growth in smaller cities like fort wayne and lafayette it borders for other states and as ashore on pete lake to it’s easy to ohio to itself can ducky to it’s west illinois into it’s north’s says michigan as was lake michigan


Indian as borders are fairly simple it’s border with illinois starts at lake michigan the north south porter dividing chicago from the indian a suburb of ham it it actually continues for three and a half miles out into the lake so if you’re in this park in chicago and walk out onto the breakwater you will eventually reach a tiny pen exclave of in the and it continues through the chicago suburbs and through the rural agricultural parts of the states for one hundred sixty three miles or two hundred sixty two kilometers until it reaches the wabash river just downstream of terre haute from there it falls the wabash se and told me to the ohio river forming a point on the other side of the ohio’s it’s kentucky the border follows the winding course of the river upstream generally flowing from east to west though kentucky typically owns most of the river itself it passes through the city of evansville and later turns to the north east dividing the kentucky city of lube oil from the suburbs on the indiana side like jeffersonville hard sell at the mouth of the great miami river


Or it becomes a north south border with ohio the city limits of cincinnati citrus five miles away and the other side of the border into a few suburbs on the very edge sit on the indiana side the loop of highways around the city dipping into the state for a tiny bit from the ohio river the indiana ohio border as a straight line north for one hundred seventy nine miles or to huh injured eighty eight kilometers it then becomes a north south border with michigan for just four and a half miles until spot near the town of clear lake where it turns west with michigan sit to the north of the state it continues west for one hundred four miles or one hundred sixty seven kilometers until it reaches the shores of lake michigan at the town of michigan shores korea


Combining the names of michigan in indiana indirectly directly across the border from the michigan town of michigan and then continues across the lake as a water border for thirty six miles or fifty eight kilometers until it reaches the north south part of the illinois border not far from chicago the border those switches from michigan the illinois about halfway across the lake with illinois water sitting north of indiana for ways the long and thin state is geography ethically quite different from north to south and that’s visible in the culture of it’s different regions as well the northern two thirds are flat in agricultural smoothed over by glaciers that left behind rich soil that is turned it into an agricultural powerhouse corn and soybeans are grown they’re across the northern and central parts of the state it’s the eighth largest agricultural produce in the entire


Your country like much of the midwest this flatly and in fertile soil has meant that not only is most of the region dominated by cropland the you can easily build a house nearly anywhere this is left much of indiana dotted with small towns as was a number of smaller cities there’s less true wilderness here in rural areas it’s generally no more than a ten or fifteen minute drive for one small town of the next and even outside of the towns you’re rarely very far from your neighbors at all the state is home to a number of major rivers your high on the south end in the flatlands to the north the water flows in a number of different directions the st joseph flows into lake michigan the kankakee into the illinois river in then onto the mississippi and the mommy flows into lake erie much of state is dominated by one large tributary of the ohio


The wabash river fed by other rivers like the white river and the tippecanoe so it’s just across the border in ohio flows across the north central part of the state and then along it’s western edge eventually for me it’s western border most of the state sit with the watershed of the wabash the northern third of the state is home to indiana lakeshore and sits right on the southern tip of lake michigan in a strategic location that was important and it’s development the lakeshore is home to the beautiful indiana dunes a string of impressive sand dunes beside the lake that are one of just five national parks located in the midwest the only national park in the state in one of the newest in the country i’ve been to the indian dunes in there certainly worth a visit nicknamed the region the area around the southern tip of lake michigan is also a huge population center


Chicago the third largest city in the country and one of the largest in the world since just across the border in illinois and it’s suburbs such as gary hammond portage marabou you chicago in whiting stretch into the north western corner of indiana altogether the chicago suburbs in indiana are homeless six hundred seventy three thousand people making it collectively the second largest urban area in the state surrounding it or number of smaller cities that haven’t yet become absorbed into the chicago suburbs like valparaiso or poor in michigan city but are well within the orbit of the city there’s also a number of other smaller and medium sized cities in the northern part of indiana south bend in elkhart sit on the st joseph river in the very north the state not far from the michigan border the suburbs of the two smaller cities overlap and even stretch into michigan home to the famous university of notre dame south bend is the third largest urban areas said it was in this day


The home to two hundred seventy nine thousand people in it and it’s suburbs elkhart says a number six with one hundred forty eight thousand residents fort wayne says the headwaters of the mommy river in the northeastern part of the state not far from ohio home to three hundred thirty six thousand people it’s the second most populous urban area center within the state the chicago suburb or home to more people and it’s a nice smaller size but fast growing city that serves as the urban core of northeastern indiana northern indiana is also home to other smaller cities and larger towns like goshen plymouth logan sport huntington in auburn northern indiana was initially settled by people have mostly british ancestry moving west from new england and they’ve left their mark culturally northern indiana feels very distinct from the more culturally southern south of the state as was from central indiana


It’s also the part of state it really feels like the rust belt it’s it’s in the great lakes cities like gary whining ham in south bend in fort wayne were major centers of industry and it’s quarterly gone a lot in common with other parts of the industrial great lakes like chicago detroit toledo in cleveland influenced by black migrants from the south as was polls and other eastern year europeans an irish immigrants who came to work and industrial jobs in northern indiana cities though it seen population decline in the past generally northern indiana is doing pretty well and is beginning to grow again especially around for wayne central indiana revolves around the states capital in by far it’s largest city indianapolis a play and city this


Federal state on the white river it’s home no one point seven million people in it and it’s suburbs making it the most populous urban area in indiana in the thirty second largest in the country smaller than cleveland but larger than cincinnati the indianapolis suburbs or the wealthiest part of the state in the whole urban area is fast growing having driven most the states increase in population in recent decades a number of other smaller cities are spread throughout central indiana lafayette a college town across the wabash river from purdue university is home no one hundred fifty seven thousand people may he the fifth largest city in the state there’s also terre haute not far from illinois and the wabash river as was months he newcastle kokomo and anderson


Still agricultural but with less of an industrial field in the north central indiana culturally and geographically feels very much later classic midwest and it’s generally fast growing and economically strong though outside of indianapolis in lafayette it seemed rural population decline the southern third of indiana is a really interesting cultural mix of midwestern in southern it’s also the most unique hard to say geographically hills be in the rise up in much of the southern part of state to do the scenic brown county is covered in forest you might not think a forester hills when you imagine indiana but the state in the midwest overall have a lot more geographic diversity in regional differences than people often give them credit for it’s generally make some rolling hills forests and farmland not unlike neighboring kentucky and in fact that shares a lot of cultural similarities to kentucky sitting on the ohio river just across from louisville it’s similar we has one foot in the midwest and one in the south much at a region


For example was settled by scots irish southerners whose ancestors came west through kentucky tennessee in north carolina it’s largest city is evansville the fourth largest urban area in the state home to two hundred seven thousand people in it and it’s suburbs it says on the south western edge of the state right on the ohio river across from kentucky and not far from illinois law move or kentucky’s largest city sit right across the river from indiana slightly smaller at two hundred three thousand people the loop or suburbs stretch across the river the indiana cities of jeffersonville in clarksville sit right across from downtown lugo so they very much feel like a part of the city in are culturally and economically tied together the ohio river is the main artery of the region in a huge population center many of indiana kentucky and ohio’s larger cities sit along the river their urban areas stretching between states in a number of cities large and small said either with in indiana or across from it with suburbs stretching in these urban areas sit right on both sides of the traditional


North south border and because of that the cities in the rural areas on both sides of them such as southern indiana are a fascinating cultural makes of southern and midwestern on the any and aside is evansville ind right across from indiana is the kentucky city of lube oil as well as the smaller owensboro even a few of the suburbs of cincinnati stretch across the border into indiana away from the river and closer to indianapolis just west of the hills of brown county bloomington is the seventh largest urban area in the state home new one hundred ten thousand people it’s a college town home to indiana university a beautiful campus meet of indiana limestone and it’s a fun popular small city with beautiful natural areas right it stores step on the other side of the hills the small city columbus is basically an architects playground industrialised j or and miller who’s commons corporation was based in the city knew that when he’s making job offers the potential new employees columbus wasn’t a particularly appealing place to live the city was in decay and struggling the wealthy miller love mater


Architecture and set out to transform the town into an architectural showcase offering to pay all architect fees for any building designed by famous modern architects architect such as i am paying our oh saarinen design stunning new buildings that transform the city today it’s been listed as the sixth most architecturally significant city in the united states despite being quite small and is one of the fastest growing places in indiana what is now indiana was originally home to a number of different indigenous peoples ancient peoples that as the mississippians built large cities home the massive or than mounts such as the angel mounds near evansville they were followed by people such as the pot of water me in peoria and the north the way on the west the osage in the south and the miami kickapoo and cask a skier much of the region


As european colonists arrived in north america they brought with them diseases such as smallpox which the native people the continent had not been exposed you and as such had little immunity disease decimated the continent’s indigenous population killing ninety percent of them in those that survived often died at the hands of colonists as europeans expanded their settlement westward a


Confederation of your queen people’s and what is now upstate new york known as the hoadley shoney or iroquois confederacy don’t a for trading empire invading a swath the continent as far west as illinois local tribes fought back in a bloody conflict known as the beaver wars but eventually the iroquois took control in the region became part of a large hunting and trapping ground meanwhile on the atlantic coast as european colonial settlement grew a native people their flood west many settling in what is now indiana tribes is the shani from was now pennsylvania the latte who in delaware new york pennsylvania new jersey the mohicans from upstate new york the wind up from ontario and the nana coke from maryland all fled into indiana the first europeans to colonize the region where the french you made it part of an enormous colony they caught canada


Of canada was mostly used for for trading aside from a few for to places like been sense to keep control of french interests few french settlers actually moved to indiana for the most part they allied themselves with the local native people who treated with them for valuable furs british settlers though initially confined to the atlantic coast were pushing west across the appalachian and he ohio valley a strategic location the ohio river was as far east as a tributary of the mississippi river reached and controlled the river would allow britain accessed the resource rich interior a continent war broke out between britain on one side and france and spain on the other with various native peoples allied with each site called the french and indian war britain why one in took control of the colony of canada which they renamed comeback conflicts between native people in the british in golf the region such as pontiacs rebellion in britain not wanting to risk more war prevented british settlers from crossing the appalachians so was mostly home to native people that point


As part of the treaty ending the revolutionary war much of the british colony of comeback was made a part of the newly independent united states mostly wilderness home to a large native population in a few french towns all the new american lands once part of to back worry though for a few years claimed by virginia made into a massive territory called the northwest territory though some we’re allies of the new country many of the need of people the territory were opposed to us control especially as american settlers pushed west across the appalachians and began settling in the northwest territory the united states in native tribes often wage brutal war against one another for control of the northwest territory the settlement of the territory by


American settlers so many native people killed or pushed west the territory was seen as when the country’s first frontiers settlers and pioneers crossed over the mountains to establish towns and farms in try their luck in what was then the country’s western wilderness as it’s population grew the federal government begin breaking up into smaller territories in admitting them as states the first division of the northwest territory came and eighteen hundred it was split in a line extending from the tip of michigan’s lower peninsula down to the ohio river the area to the east of it remained the northwest territory the land to the west of that line all the way to the mississippi river became a new territory given the name of an old land company that had me claims on the other side of the ohio re over me indiana territory


Just three years later the southern half of the northwest territory became the state of ohio and it’s borders with the indian territory where ironed out what they are today and the rest of the lower peninsula was given to the territory two years after that the peninsula was broken off of indiana and became that michigan territory another four years after that in eighty know nine indiana was shrunk down to it’s current porters everything to its northwest be him the new illinois territory and eighteen eleven to eighteen thirteen the territory was the site of the last major resistance the region i need of people against american expansion the governor of at the indiana territory william henry harrison one of the need peoples the territory to see morley into the government so they can open it up to settlers and increases populations that the territory could gain statehood


He negotiated with the leaders of a few tribes and drew up the treaty of fort wayne which tv huge swath of land a been under the control of a number of native tribes to the territorial government however many need of people living there were very unhappy with this result tribes like a shiny had been left out of negotiations completely which saw more us settlers pouring onto their land as a result shiny leader tecumseh was infuriated and lead an army of many different native peoples and was called to comes as war to comes as confederacy lost the decisive battle of tippecanoe to harrison’s army near what is now lafayette it marked the beginning of the end for native american sovereignty in the indian the territory in saw william henry harrison rise to fame that would eventually result in his election to the presidency


It also saw the territories population increase dramatically as new settlers poured into the region mostly germans from pennsylvania in irish and english from new england in new york in that decade alone indiana’s population went from twenty four thousand to one hundred forty seven thousand and on december eleventh eighteen sixteen it was admitted the you need as the nineteenth state indiana the new state’s population would skyrocket upwards in the following decades for settlers crossing the appalachians indiana was a promising destination the ohio river was one of the main routes west and boats often stopped in indiana bring in new settlers the falls in the ohio located between indiana kentucky made that ships traveling west would have to stop doc new their goods and disembarked their passengers there if they wanted to move further downstream


The strategic location turn the area into an early major port in cities developed on both sides of the river lieu of on kentucky and on the indiana side many of the state’s earlier cities such as clarksville jeffersonville and new albany korean indiana’s first capital city wasn’t far from the false boats weren’t the only way to go west the few decades after statehood the country’s first major road in national road came to indiana settlers could travel by road or by ship up the potomac river to cumberland maryland from there the road took them across the appalachians through pennsylvania west virginia ohio indiana and later illinois the road brought people to the center the state to the towns of richmond terre haute in the new capital city a play in town in the very center the state called indianapolis on top of that settlers traveled north across the ohio from neighboring kentucky and the south many were scots irish descent into people from northern ireland whose ancestors had moved there from northern england


And in southern scotland as part of the british colonization of ireland the flat fertile state soon became filled with farms in small towns it’s first decade of statehood indiana was home to just one hundred forty seven thousand people just for decades later in eighteen sixty it’s population and increased tenfold to one point three five million making it the fifth most populous state in the entire country surpassed only by new york pennsylvania ohio and illinois huge waves of german immigration helped us population grow german immigrants moved across the state many of them farmers who sought out indiana’s agricultural land today their descendants make up the largest ancestry group in the state at twenty one percent


During the civil war indiana remained loyal to the union though most of the war was fought in the south indiana was right across from the border state of kentucky in one battle was fought with in the state inquiry done in southern indiana in the confederacy captured the town of newburgh on the ohio river near evansville for a few days the first northern town captured by confederate it’s during the war the state contributed hundreds of thousands of soldiers the unique cause key in indiana rapid success post war was not just it’s strategic location for settlers infertile fertile farmland but it’s role as an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse railroads like the baltimore and ohio or be you know railroad connected the cities in the east coast


In northern indiana especially would turn the state into a manufacturing giant through it’s role in the steel industry the states location insured would rise of the major steel producer steel production essentially requires two main ingredients iron and coal call can be found in a number of different states but some of the largest producers pennsylvania west virginia ohio and kentucky or only appalachians indiana and illinois both have large called upon as well deposits of iron ore however are mostly concentrated around lake superior in minnesota as iron range in the upper peninsula of michigan iron got shipped by boat out of cities like duluth minnesota across lake superior into the rest of the great lakes meanwhile coal would be transported from the appalachians to the lakes or


Or can meet the ships carrying iron and be smelted in the steel and the steel shipped by boat or rail from there to the rest of the country in the world because of this america’s most prominent manufacturing cities all developed around the great lakes albert henry gary founded us steel in nineteen o one and a few years later begin building a massive complex of steel mills at the southern end of lake michigan where the ships carry iron could meet the trains ports of call from indiana illinois in kentucky gary steel manufacturing plants needed a place for workers to live and he built a company town that named gary after himself the city grew quickly to nearly two hundred thousand residents even second most populous state after just indianapolis jaunty rockefeller standard oil built a massive oil refinery in nearby waiting just across the border from sure


Cargo the whiting refinery was at the time the largest oil refinery in the entire country and twenty percent of all oil production in us came through whitey it helped that all these industrial cities in northern indiana were located near the rising mega city of chicago they were able to take advantage of the city status as a rail and transportation hub as was also destination for immigrants and migrants seeking industrial jobs chicago grew because the chicago river which flowed into lake michigan in from at the saint lawrence river in the atlantic as a to headwaters very close to the displaying river which flows into the illinois river and threw it to the mississippi in the gulf of mexico it’s the closest the watershed of the great lakes gets the watershed of the


Mississippi and so became the site of a portage where people would get out of boats and move their cargo a short distance the other river eventually canals connected to further ensuring the city strategic success one of those canals connected that explains to the calumet river or lake michigan tributary who’s mouth is less than two thousand feet from the indiana border and another canal called the indiana harboring ship canal connected the calumet to lake michigan in the indiana city of chicago and doing so connected indiana at the systems of trade in transportation that link the mississippi to the great lakes in me chicago what it is today further east and other lake michigan port burns harbor was linked to the canal system as well


Connected to it as was growing rail on highway lines burns harbor and east chicago developed enormous steel mills and joint gary a some of the largest your producers in the country all concentrated in one little corner of indiana grunts and migrants poured into gary and other lakeside cities near chicago to work industrial jobs in indiana factories mills refineries imports these industrial cities of northern indiana generally followed the same migration trends as neighboring chicago immigrants from poland in ireland flock to northern indiana and weren’t part responsible for it’s massive growth as a populations enter contributing to the culture and history the region


Sitting just north of the traditional north south border in a major center of industry indiana became a destination for black americans from the south as well black southerners fleeing segregation races jim crow laws and unexploited of system of labor called share cropping made the journey north as jobs open up and manufacturing and industry during the world wars and what was known as the great migration many these migrants kimi indiana from states sitting directly to the south of it like kentucky tennessee alabama and mississippi indianapolis as well cities near chicago like gary were major destinations for great migration migrants in saw indiana gain a pretty substantial black population at the same time the cake ak a racist anti catholic anti semitic an anti immigrant hate group rose to prominence in indiana in the nineteen twenties the indian a branch of the clan was particularly powerful during the first half of the twentieth century indiana had more klan members than any other state and in most counties thirty even forty percent of men in india


Anna were members of the kkk they operate during that time as a powerful political machine endorsing candidates you push their hateful agenda at their peak they were responsible for the election of governor edward jackson rumored do have been a member of the clan himself in basically controlled by the hate group their rain in the state lasted for decades in was a v very dark home and in indiana history indianapolis which had already seen success dude it’s status in the capital city and it’s location of the national road continue to be an important transportation center it had a centralized location between both population centers and natural resources and as such became a major railroad her more industry followed surrounded by agriculture and filled with


Railroads he became a huge port packing center anything seventy six in indianapolis pharmacist name’s eli lilly founded a pharmaceutical company he named after himself it would grow to become an enormous pharmaceutical supplier industry the largest company in the state studebaker once in a huge automobile manufacturer was founded in south bend and and was responsible for much of the city’s growth making indiana a major automobile manufacturer indiana is also known as a huge producer of limestone southern indiana near the town of bedford is filled with limestone quarries and the limestone they don’t iconic structures such as the empire state building the pentagon the don’t more many the buildings in chicago as


Well as many the monuments and buildings in washington dc like the national cathedral the treasury building in the lincoln in jefferson memorials are made at least in part out of indiana limestone most of indiana university in bloomington is built out of limestone from nearby quarries and it gives it a really beautiful campus indiana northern any and especially some major challenges with that kind of the rust belt studebaker was bought out later went bankrupt and stop producing vehicles hurting south bend which was in many ways accompany town gary was when the hardest hit cities in the entire rust belt once indiana second largest city of lost sixty one percent of it’s populations at it’s peak as the american steel industry has been in decline and companies of new jobs overseas gary was always dependent on the steel industry in huge layoffs and closures have been devastating it’s a huge white flight as white people left the city

While black people often refused credit insurance loans mortgages and other services that it helped many poor white people rise in the middle class often had nowhere else to go these practices plunged black neighborhoods like those and gary into poverty and well why people fled elsewhere many black people due to the economic consequences of redlining often couldn’t not afford to move to the suburbs or were simply refused when trying to buy homes their as the ones diverse cities economy declined he became more and more de facto say created at the height of the great migration gary was eighteen percent black today it’s eighty percent not because more black people move there but because most white people left having lost more than half it’s popular


Asian one of the highest rates of population decline of the country it’s often described as one of america’s few ghost cities this isn’t entirely fair as plenty of people do still live there but it was built for a much larger population and has today in so many of it’s downtown buildings are completely empty if you visited you’ll see boarded up windows and buildings and houses that are empty burned outer window smashed in roofs caving in it’s one of the few places the country where you’ll see large downtown buildings that are completely a it many of them have been torn down and the city’s filled with bacon overgrown lots were they used to be whole blocks of the city or just empty today thirteen thousand buildings and carry are banned it in people watch


Lee visit to explore these old industrial relics it’s a place that’s eerily beautiful in it’s own way it but it’s also somewhere a lot of people call home nearly a third of whom live in poverty one of the highest rates in the entire country the rest of the reach around lake michigan has been becoming more and more suburbanized gary and other cities nearby were always in chicago is orbit but we’re more independent as they declined in the suburbs of chicago sprawled further into the state towns and rural areas that used be more independent have become pretty suburban and a lot of your typical upper middle class suburbia has taken over a lot of the region whereas the area on the lake shore itself means very industrialized no less busy even though gary itself was hit particularly hard indiana’s been more successful than other rust belt states in recent decades other cities like indianapolis in fort wayne have done well with much more diversified economies even the steel industry didn’t see as much decline as in other steel giants like pen


Sylvania and indiana’s the country’s largest your producer today indianapolis especially seen rapid growth especially that suburbs which have become quite wealthy it’s the largest city and state by far home to one point seven million people in it and it’s suburbs which makes the thirty second most populous urban area in the country and it’s also the capital city the state it sits on the white river a non navigable tributary of the wabash it’s it’s nearly exactly in the geographic center the state the land it’s it’s on was specifically selected to build indian capital city in a place where be accessible to hoosiers from all corners of the state and it’s streets are laid out in a great around a circle in the very center of downtown which surrounds the massive and beautiful soldier


Years and sailors monument because to play and city it’s filled with parks and canals with trails and river walk alongside them as walls memorials indianapolis has more war memorials than any other city in the country odin washington d c there’s also a memorial to robert kennedy’s famous speech in the city after martin luther king’s assassination in my opinion one of the greatest speeches of all time it’s home to break roads downtown historic older buildings in newer skyscrapers like the sales force tower which is the tallest building in the state most of indiana’s tallest buildings are in indianapolis and is home to a large string of parts in malls that stretches downtown on my museums memorials churches in government buildings it’s capitol building sits right downtown in is a


Beautiful building made of indiana limestone there’s a lot to do in indianapolis or india’s started called it’s filled with museums like the children’s museum of indianapolis the largest children’s museum on earth and is home to restaurants like the famous st elmo steakhouse indianapolis however his most famous for the indy five hundred the five hundred mile motorists is one of if not the most pristine geez automobile races in the world the largest sporting event in the world that takes place in one day it’s held at the indianapolis motor speedway or the brickyard a huge racetrack that has the largest capacity of any sporting venue in the world able to fit as many as four hundred thousand people it’s some unique neighborhoods like broad ripple village in the wholesale district as well


Large sprawling suburbs like carmont fisher’s on top of that the beautiful hills and forests of brown county are only an hour’s drive south so nature isn’t far away at all fort wayne is a much smaller city thunder three hundred thirty six thousand people in it and it’s suburbs the second largest urban area center in the state though it’s smaller than the chicago suburbs in indiana formerly sight of khaki ongar the capital city of the miami native people and later a series of colonial and american for it’s the small cities it’s where the st mary’s and st joseph river flow together to form the mommy river a strategic location that helped the city success the northern indiana city was a huge manufacturing center news where the video game console the gas pump in the fridge were all invented today it’s a really nice small city in the urban anchor of northeastern india


Today seventy eight point five percent of hoosiers or white nine point three percent are black seven point one percent are latino and two point four percent or asian american the state is home to a large german american in irish american population twenty one point four percent of hoosier have german ancestry making the largest ancestry group in the state and eleven point four person have irish ancestry it’s also home to the third largest amish population in the entire country after nearby pennsylvania and ohio and in fact it has the largest proportion of residents in the country that are amish the early one percent of the population many amish we a traditional lifestyle not using cars lot of technology and live in farming communities raising barnes riding horses and buggies they live in rural areas of northern and southern indiana


In large part because of the state’s amish community german is the third most spoken language in the state when it’s only the tenth most spoken in the country overall religiously christianity dominates in indiana seventy two percent of hoosiers are christian in other individual religious groups at most only make up one percent of the population most are protestant fifty two percent has a population in most of them nearly a third of all hooters or evangelicals the two most iconic any and foods or the pork tenderloin sandwich a sandwich me to the thin piece of pork as deep fried and served on have been any sugar cream pie a custard pie with cinnamon sugar on top the largest newspaper in state is the indianapolis star or indie star in indianapolis it’s home to a number of renowned colleges and universities there’s preview and west lafayette the flash campus of indiana university in bloomington indiana state and taro and notre dame a famous catholic university outside of south bend a number of popular tv shows like parks and recreation and stranger things are set in fictional indiana towns though neither are film there


Indiana is home to two major league sports teams both need yeah plus there’s the nfl indianapolis colts who played the lucas oil stadium in the n b a indiana pacers who play the game bridge fieldhouse the chicago suburbs though ten the root for chicago rather than for indianapolis teams it’s busiest airport is the indianapolis international airport it’s largest companies include health company elephants in indianapolis indianapolis pharmaceutical giant eli lilly commons in columbus in steel dynamics in fort wayne probably the most famous hoosier is michael jackson him in the rest of the jackson family are from gary other famous hoosiers include david letterman james dean dean norris steve mcqueen jenna fischer larry bird kurt vonnegut john green and though he’s most associated with kentucky colonel harlan sanders know president’s were born in indiana but one benjamin harrison base his political career out of state he was born not far from us the border in ohio years


Cincinnati and move to indianapolis as a young adult became a lawyer and was eventually elected senator from the state before being elected to the presidency additionally harrison’s grandfather william henry harrison had been in years territorial governor and had previously served as the congressional delegate from it’s predecessor the northwest territory afterwards though he continued his political career out of ohio before winning the presidency abraham lincoln was born in kentucky and don’t his political career out of illinois but he grew up in spend most of his childhood in a cabin in the forest of southern indiana there have also been to recent vice presidents from indiana george hw bush as vice president dan quayle was a congressman and then senator from indiana before serving as vice president and donald trump’s vice president mike pence was


Congressman and then governor peter budaj the current secretary of transportation was the mayor of south bend who rose to popularity during a surprisingly successful presidential campaign current chief justice of the supreme court john roberts is from outside of michigan city politically indiana is he reliably redstate it as he took partisan voting and next or pv i have our plus eleven meaning in a given presidential election republicans do about eleven percent better in indiana and in the country on average though it’s been very read in recent elections indiana actually narrowly voted for barack obama in the two thousand and eight election out of indiana’s nine members of the house of representatives to are democrats in seven are republicans both of their senators mike brown and todd young or republicans as their governor eric holcomb that is it for indiana only give a big thank you to everyone is already joined my patriarch three you can access different things it’s behind the scenes videos early access to maps i create the exclusive disk


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