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Health Insurance The Disability Medical And Health In Surance 

Salon want a corner with the labour rover to my name is your should be current is a kid v and the chimney go for a key you came on behalf of my team or right to introduce our product disability medicare and how insurance and my products seems is richer or kill you introduction my team are me meanest i shot reno and for idea and the last one nice my lecturer isner half is up or a church in this program through so today what is this for like about medical insurance policies are basically designed for copper the costs of private medical treatment such as hospital a solution and how care course in the evening

That you are de nos with a copper illness of our lives are suffer and as student people with disabilities are okay you our part of so shitty therefore day have equal rights and opportunities the live live life like other members of special day so i should be a right based approach and for affection should be used to carry through thick hrs and well relpy often disable why are the shelley aren’t concept epic caper how are a donation for the purpose of pick up the what color the contract right the participant applies to pick up with a preacher to meet each participant is fine and agrees to a linear it even the rate their their couple operator i pray every basis for the service provider you either

In his diary white he took fuck off the operator or do good performance off the participant is fine it will be many cheap difficult for up look back off the operator will be rewarded with a fifty percent share of the supplies from there but the defender is fine and are many fifty percent will be just the three break through eligible both physically and the last one is current an interest free loan debt requiring you to participate roof fine if it is in effect can learn repeat repayable from their purchase supplies risky in the participants fine in time i mean mean my sister okay for suppose i will certainly what are the girl good april right they’ll bring a feet number one is first and cover are seeing the safin some cover hundred and fifty thousand and two hundred fifty thousand and the last film when you are so many people here in the liberal until mid to see that seventy five it’s next be


Already did that go full schedule for your sensitive gates is for you this merits was hard to cover up in is number one concern throat and has it that the how you have some cover or gotten considerably since in his favor when the person for is mostly any one of the secret physical illness you merely put the death certificate for thick and thin number two euros he could hardly sort of benefit of cement the high you have some cover or total contributions faith is payable random person covered is that last week any one of the least he wrote to curb and hurt surgeons are you married for two days that the difficult for the least of soon as covered under his benefit and his defensive

And the t v businesses we will be our and twenty thousand if the bases covered guys you to any course number four allowance therapy we will be at and fifty every time we go through hurt and good therapy or a private hospital number five critical illness for critical illness you will be three for each pretty good nurse a maximum of fifty thousand and the last education as good as good as ours if you continue studying at the university level you will give basis for team of us and price goes a long fell into


Hi my name is likely sugar you know the backup i will expand about how much country wishing you had to pay to more it’s go into the british and now the estimated contribution is one hundred fifteen get by mind or one thousand eight hundred per year for your information in this is a yearly renewable pack of a pain which mean your contribution will increase with the o h you marry for to be doubling your feet illustration for did he get going to bush in your country machine rates are not guarantee and may be replaced by giving at least three months it runs through a denmark east to you we will change english on your next certificate in you will after three months notice be the thumb and condition that you should be rare of our termination of shit defecate you make to mean a nice to be get it any time digit if we can’t shelter mean it a minute key


Upon do following events which ever occurs flourish first applied for them when of guess a benefit taking a powerful thing when of stop benefit if to have been for them when of her ethic when we brought a powerful been when of allowance chop even if we leave a buffer payment of critical illness when if we sakes open gifts of percent got wait seven open for a mind of educational scholarship benefit and many with no brainer been detained for as like i’m from insurance costs for this florida our target is to offer a medical insurance to person with a disability which is okay you and for the people with disabilities who are able to pay premiums so nice the oven

That is of our part that used to getting support for the get officer but the burn this also can help to ease the burden of expensive faced by disable careers lol worthy ensure medical expenses are also covered in case of injury last one is to swear also finances hospital stays and treatment expenses this by the ensure it thank you

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