How To Find iPhone iOS 16 Wi-Fi Password

Have you ever forgotten one of your Wi-Fi network passwords, Then iOS 16 is here to help you restore them. 

You need a strong Wi-fi network password on your iPhone, Though if you are running iOS 16 you don’t need to worry about, it because it will simply display your Wi-Fi passwords without going through long steps. 

And here I will show you how to do that below.


How To See Your Wi-Fi Network’s Password On iPhone Running iOS 16

Days back you can’t have that access to see the Wi-Fi networks password of the networks you are not connected with until when iOS 16 was introduced. 

Now you can retrieve any Wi-Fi network save on your iOS 16 iPhone version.

To have this feature work on your iPhone you need to update or make sure it’s in the iOS 16 Version. 

After following these easiest steps you can check your saved or active Wi-Fi Connected network’s passwords:

• Go into your iPhone Settings, Then Wi-Fi

• Tap on the “i” icon followed by the active Wi-fi networks if not found then check under My Networks.

• Making it possible you will be taking to new options where you can manage more details about your connections.

• Tap on Password and verify your access using Touch ID or Face ID.

• After access is granted your iOS 16 will display the password of that saved network for you.

• If you wish to share it with friends then long press on it and copy it.

• Then paste it or send it to where you wanted to.

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