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The first thing i would encourage everyone to do would be to pull out your declarations page of your auto insurance policy and look at it on it is shocked the number of times we have people that call us at richard schwartz and associates and we hi hire us because they were in an accident that was not their fault and we say do you have uninsured motorist coverage and they’re like all got full coverage you know that’s the standard answer everyone always gives us is i have full coverage well that’s not an insurance term home if you go to your agent and say i want full coverage it’s not like the supreme pizza you’re ordering from the local joint there’s no such thing as full coverage there are so many different insurance


Coverages in you pay for each and every one of i’m so it’s like more like going through a buffet it’s all a cart you’re gonna pick and choose what you need because under mississippi law you have to carry liability insurance but you don’t have to carry uninsured motorist you don’t have to carry comprehend if you don’t have to carry randall reimbursed men are medical pay are all those other things so you really need to look at your policy in determine what you have i love mississippi have lived in mississippi now for this is my thirty second year home so it is my adopted home stay in


I love it love the people love what mississippi is about but unfortunately we are the most uninsured driver state in the country looking at all the polls and in in reports and surveys out there would be in a we very but it’s about twenty percent so think about one out of every five cars as you drive around whether be today or tomorrow and your look in on your local main street or are fifty five or highway forty nine or highway twenty to wherever you may be fears think about count every fifth car in realize they probably don’t have insurance in so that’s what makes uninsured motorist coverage so important to you as a driver because in our line of work when people call us up in it’s absolutely not there


Our fault for a rag the number one reason we’re not successful in making a recovery for them is simply because there’s no insurance on the other the at fault party in sadly they don’t carry uninsured motorist coverage so look at your policy it’s a great time it’s a great day to do it for look at your in part insurance policy d of liability coverage you have to carry that the state mandated minimum this twenty five thousand dollars you’re in a look at your policy it’s gonna say twenty five thousand slash fifty thousand people get very confused as to what does that mean so twenty five thousand slash fifty means this if you’re in a wreck it’s not your fault the person has the minimum the most you as an individual can collect his twenty five thousand dollars

From their liability coverage if they carry the minimum if there are two or more people so to on to infinity the most their insurance company will have to pay out his fifty thousand dollars i can tell you we have had that happen i can remember just as clear as day five years ago a school bus accident where a car ran into a school bus their war were twenty one students on the school bus plus the school bus driver who were hit by a car that had a fifty thousand dollar policy a twenty five fifty policy so what does that mean that twenty two people had to fit into a fifty thousand dollar pot of money you talk about one of the most challenging cases i’ve ever had in my life because some hired us the vast majority those people hired us some hired another lot law firm in there were a handful that didn’t hire anybody


He in so we had to get our twenty two and a court because they are in adverse insurance company did what’s called an inner player where they basically said here court hears our fifty thousand dollars you take it and figure it out because we don’t know what to do so really look at your policy so important are you carrying the met him minimum liability coverage that is your shield so that’s what that is liability i run into parades as we leave the parking lot today which lord willing i won’t do pereira can come after my liability insurance that’s what he can get by in itself i run into somebody is my fault they’re gonna come attack my liability insurance if someone hits me that doesn’t have insurance in what i can do is look to my uninsured motorist coverage and that allows me to still make a claim because


Cause i was in a wreck it wasn’t my fault a person who caused the wreck had no insurance a look at your policy you’ve got to look at it you know if you’ve got a local agent go through and talk to your local wage and one thing that’s really interesting is if you reject uninsured motorist coverage there is a state listed form that you have to sign there’s a rejection form that you have to sign arm so really what you should do is make sure you look at it you know have your agent quote out different prices for you i know a lot of folks now we call one eight hundred numbers or eight eight eight numbers and you’re talking to somebody you know on the phone but you want to be able to buy the most insurance you can buy that fits within your household budget to protect yourself


Is there there’s that article that says why are the top ten reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney in there so much information out there on the internet now a days and in in people you know some people have had more than one rack that they think they can do it themselves harm but what’s interesting in his insurance companies have done their own studies which show that if someone’s in an accident in they hire a personal injury law firm like schwartz and associates you’re going to get on average two to four and a half more dollars than you


You would have trying to do it on your own in the reason why are so many different reasons but it’s like bob said most people don’t realize you can stack uninsured motorist coverage or if the person who hit you just doesn’t have enough insurance in you have uninsured motorist it really magic clay becomes under insured motorist coverage so there’s just so many reasons why it’s important to hire a law firm if you’re in an accident and i tell people the time as will get people who will call us at the law firm you know and you can always do that yourself at six or one nine eight eight eighty eight eighty eight that have questions and really what they’re doing is they’re just trying to get you know answers so that they think they can go handle the insurance company themselves but they are such a cornucopia they cornucopia of factors that come into play


When it comes to the value of your case and with regard to liability in comparative fault and you know stalking and is is your injury causally connected what if he had a pre existing injury you know did it become worse and as a result of the rack and than that all ties enter you know medical evidence and so for so they’re just so many things that a law firm does to ensure that the value of your case in that your case is handled appropriately that it’s just hard to do is yourself and i tell people guess what you’ve taken your could you take your car to a body shop you’re going to let the by


Body shop fix your car you’re not going to try to do that yourself you are injured so you’re receiving medical treatment you’re going to go see a medical professional you’re not gonna try to do that yourself so why try to handle the legal side of your case by yourself you’re using the odd oh expert you’re using the medical experts will use the legal you know knowledge in the legal from that deals with this day in and day out so there’s top ten reasons why you should hire i’m a l than attorney a personally in it’s in this case a personal injury attorney the top ten is this it’s as first insurance companies take advantage of people that do not have an attorney insurance companies have trained employees whose only job is to resolve claims as quickly and cheaply as possible


Ehen it says these employees are bonus on how quickly and how inexpensively they can resolve claims and you’ll see that if you’ve ever been an accident you’ll be shocked sometimes you hear from the adverse insurance company within a matter of days where they’re like hey this is bob from x y z insurance company you know let’s talk about your car talk about property damage and then they’ll quickly pivot to bodily injury which is you as a person and they’ll be like hey we’ll give you five hundred dollars will give you a thousand dollars will give you fifteen hundred hours in will pay that emergency room visit jihad and sometimes they even say will pay for any bills you have related to the accident for the first thirty days from the date of the right that sounds great


You know if you’re not hurting or if you think you’re gonna recover quickly you’re you’re not you know a big advocate of getting medical treatment but what happens on the thirty second day you know you go to your family doctor in there like you need an m r i will folks at fifteen hundred dollars in or they’re like yeah your shoulder and gotten better we really you need the physical therapy now or we may need to do surgery on that shoulder and you’ve signed a release you know you’ve wave your right to climb so you know the insurance companies want to get closure that’s their goal they want to shut down your case


As quickly as possible so that they have certain certainty with regard to the value of your case because traditionally if you’re in a wreck unless you are very blessed in walk away with no injuries most people are not back to one hundred percent within thirty days you know the human body just doesn’t recover that quickly especially you know if you’re in your thirties forties fifty sixty seventies you know you’re going to be sore when you get through either airbag explodes you know which thankfully though save a lot allies but you know that causes stress and strain so so many different things to to consider


Or arm with regard to the to you know a wreck another thing is in his insurance companies now try to if you don’t have a lawyer throw out what’s called comparative fault you know they’re going to say okay we’re so sorry you were in an accident we think are insured was eighty per senate fault but we think you are twenty percent at fault you know we asked you on the phone how fast you were going you said you were go and thirty seven mph well guess what it was a thirty five an our zone so we think that two miles per hour and contributed to the accident so we’re going to put twenty percent at fault on you or what does that mean in in the real world well if your car has ten thousand dollars worth of repairs in their only accepting eighty percent that means they owner going to offer you eight thousand dollars they’re telling you to come out of your own pocket two thousand dollars


To repair your car when it comes to saddling your case if they’re gonna make you an offer of five thousand dollars they’re going to deduct twenty percent of that and say hey only four thousand dollar worldly going to pay you for and that’s another thing that they’re going to argue comparative fault because when they initially talk to you they are very kind in i’m not disparaging personally because i know a lotta insurance adjusters i’ve been doing this since nineteen ninety four and very nice folks split they have a job to do in their job is to resolve claims quickly and cheaply they are trying to protect the insurance companies


His money cause how does an insurance company make money when they pay you less money so the key is they’re gonna use all these tricks in tactics to determine how can they reduce the value of your climb again another reason why you need to hire i’m a law firm very important and the damn damages is the third reason you’re in a wreck you may be thinking about your car oh my gosh my car is damaged how my to get to and from work well then that may impact your ability to work so the have lost wages you have pain and suffering you have medical bills you know are you married is there a loss of consortium claim


So many different things that come into play so it’s just on real that number of factors that in are involved in why you need to hire a law firm in i just only gone through you know three at that point there’s a list of ten thing so that’s why schwartz and associates is the right call for you

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