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Hi viewers how are you i hope you’ll be fine so today i will tell you about the the best car insurance company and america so let’s start our video and now i’m going to tell you about the brief and after that detail of that companies so let’s start not all car insurance companies are created equal we severe more than ten thousand drivers to learn more about their car insurance experience focusing on key areas like customer service claim handling and dab customer loyalty using that data related the best car insurance companies have to thailand twenty do to help you find the best


What is the best car insurance company debt is the question so i will elaborate in the delight of that article so let’s start hand according to our two thousand twenty two data dead the best car insurance company is you as a a but it but it’s insurance for ups are only available to members of the military community if that doesn’t apply to you the next best option is dead fall which holds the number seconds vote in our analysis to determine the best got insurance company we we’re we ah analyzed read that up as well as feedback from policyholders with specific attention to customer services blame handling customer loyalty and policy dinner while we also asked survey participants how likely they were to command there it is


Listing insurer to a driver shopping for a new policy so if you are looking for auto insurance this list can help you compare insured base on defect does that matter most to you door you as a and state farm lead the peak you may find a better fit with one of a other eight companies in our rating as such it is good idea to compare several insurance and did reeves before you participate before your budget is already new york policy so top rated got insurance companies this is the list move oh how you can see that us a have the rating of four point three or two five an average annual rate is one thousand dollars and if you want to compare the yours then you can click here but i would not because i’m simply giving up brief to you saw second number


Ah holds state farm and it’s reading is for one two out of five and a it’s and world rate is twelve top twelve hundred sixty seven dollars and third number and have a farmer’s that is also a company so it has had the rating of for been fun ah us news rating mean to say deserve this is scale you can say to come via all the human this is a to come ah the of of the rating of that company so ah one thousand nine hundred and one one dollars so on for the number the saudi for that mistake this is a nomadic mistake ah so hard the nationwide company holds for one one rating out of five and it’s an old


Rate is one thousand three hundred forty seven dollars and after that on five hour on fifth number giggle is also a very non company and debt have reading or four point one out of five and it’s budget or and will the it is about allow one hundred forty eight dollars and after that es all state is also off nonfarm for a got insurance so you can did dead that company as radio four one zero two five and an old budget is two thousand and forty seven dollars after then travelers is also our ensure a company so yeah it’s reading is for one to eat or and it’s out but it is on most with one thousand three hundred and seventy one dollars after that progressive is also a company and it’s reading is true for nine and the


Budget is one thousand five hundred thirty three us dollars after that aaa oh you can say a a is also a company which is a three at the one nine to retrieve it have to buy nine rating and of two thousand four hundred and nine a us dollars annual budget so after that the american family is also have that in nonfarm so it’s have reading of three point seven and average but it it’s that thirteen hundred and seventy one u s dollars so ah women brief the aspect or you can say weekend did did discuss about that companies so first of all us a us a is the best insurance company in our rating according to our two thousand twenty two survey you as a customer report the highest level of customer satisfaction and are most likely to the new their policies and are meant for us a to others dry


Was you as a also has the lowest rates in our study so have beating the national average by thirty five percent us a insurance products include auto homeowner and renter policies are only available to members of military community ah as such as are not all drivers will be eligible for color full coverage through this and insurer so if you want to learn about more than you can click on that length but i have nani in because i’m him as simply giving you a simple leave and on number second straight fall straight farm is number two in our rating and has above average score in each of our sub ratings including claim handling and customer loyalty


It also did well in our cheapest car insurance companies have two thousand and twenty two rating it’s coverage premiums for drivers as for driver of at i was with less than this time driving their guards were in over the last and rating for those unable to get a policy from you as a and after that farmers his third company and farmer die for a number three in our rating and for da places in many of our sub ratings it holds dies for number one and gleam handing and number two and customer service and new guy customer loyalty farmers loses white compared to the other insured and inaugurating rating is for most likely to be renewed there is source offer for born as you his bloody get a goodie


The average or for went to do it also has one of the most expensive average annual and rates for the of the companies that made our ratings and after that a nationwide nationwide move up to store as sports since our to talk to do another analysis trying for the and and number three sport


A nationwide has the second highest score in our customer loyalty and most likely to be recommended subjects an above average score in each of ad the other are go to get his nation where it also has below average there’s for some drivers especially doors with a good driving record or work at it i’ve read giggle is also obtained at i’ll tell you and the men list so giggle has the reading of of on fun and give voice died for the third sport and our ratings of best got insurance company of two thousand twenty two with average scores across a range of categories such as claims and ling customer services and customer loyalty it also ranks second on our list of cheapest car insurance companies are two thousand twenty two vid some of the most affordable average to it for been and senior diverse and doors with work at it so


Allstate is also another company moving up three sports to tie at number six and the in this year’s best got insurance companies rating allstate is also ranked number four and our most likely to be recommended something’s things although the company receive slightly below average score and most of our others have reading get a categories it’s rears are among the highest in our analysis but all state may offer a competitive rate for certain drivers such as doors with us feeding violation on the driving record


After that travelers is an hour and other company to be mentioned here so travelers also have some of for moment this year moving up two sports and trying for the number six position travelers go our customers score is lower than sell and other children in our analysis but it takes the number one sport and our glam sampling subletting get a good he and number three swore for most likely to be renewed company renewed category


Travelers also receive an above average scored for policies renewal and offers premiums add that are typically lower than the nation national average so after that progressive is another company over safety xd number if sport in our else is over on customers are generally satisfied with the ease of opening a policy but progressive places are places loss in our best for customer loyalty category and has below average scores and every other subverting in our survey boris if best was also to board being less likely to renew their policy arctic meant the insurer to other drivers however person with a deal i may be able to unlock saving soon with progressive it has raged for those

I was out among the lowest in our study and after that a aaa who can say aaa is neil do our best car insurance companies rating and it dies with progressive for for the number air sport it scores are below average in age go to that he fully analyzed it does how our digg the number six sport in our most likely to be do notes operating beating all straight farmers progressive an american family aaa also has the highest average premium and i was ready but


After i was considering a aaa should get a cure to determine if the individual the it is more competitive and after that at the last company that is american family american family drops for sport in our year and he had number den and ranked number ten in our analysis it scored are the last in more subverting categories aldo american family has a slightly higher score than progressive is an hour best first customer loyalty go to get it despite low scores american family does of work on budget rears for


Some drivers especially deemed i was drivers with for it and or drove it an accident or do i on their record so simply this

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