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New Lesson Who To Buy MY22 VW Taos SEL In USA

I’ll bet you’re pretty excited about going places in your new volkswagen towels you should be it was a great move for the next few minutes i’ll show you a few things you may not have yet discovered that can make your towels even more fun to drive my friend steve is going to help me demonstrate if you got the available keyless access you already know that the father and your pi pocket alerts reptiles when you’re nearby so you can unlock and open any door simply by pushing the door handle button and pulling as you normally what if you have the se outhouse once it’s running you’ll notice it has ventilated and heated a leather seats you can control the heat and airflow here


The place where much of the customization and your preference choices take place is your infotainment screen it lets you quickly enable or customize any of the functions you’re in these include your i q drive driver assistance features such as active blind spot monitor enabling front assist lane assist emergency as the just we’re traffic alert adaptive cruise control and travel assist it’s here where you can also set up your volkswagen digital cockpit if you put the stl model your digital cockpit pro is fully configurable you’ll see a depiction of the default instrument cluster and options for what information you’d like displayed within the tradition


Full speed and rpm dials you can also choose what information will be displayed in the center of the digital cockpit or even create a completely different style of cockpit display below the infotainment screen is where you can charge are compatible mobile device with the s e and stl models charging is completely wireless just place it face up here it will also connect wireless the on those models otherwise app connect will still operate through either of the to us be seaports for both charging and data transfer in the same space on as eat and stl a third port is available for charging for those in the rear seating depending on where you’re driving or just your mood you can change your drive mode if you chose the available for motion all wheel drive model press the drive mode select button on the knob on your console to toggle through eco normal sport or custom drive months


You’ll see each on your infotainment screen for you can also choose and save the settings for your custom driving mode turning the knob lets you adjust the active control on your v w to match the terrain you’re on there are four choices snow on road the default setting off road and off road custom were once again you can further optimize the settings to you’re driving conditions remember a button push changes your drive mode while turning the knob controls the active control you may have noticed that the engine automatically turns off when you stop and restarts when you really least the brake pedal saving you fuel that’s a big reason most people love it but if you don’t want this feature working you can disable it here but each time you turn off your volkswagen the start stop feature is reactivated upon starting again


If your towels has i q drive there’s another automated feature that’s good to know about when you’re driving your taos knows your hands are on the wheel if it senses through the steering wheel that you’re no longer holding on a weekend or even various ways sounds vibrations lightly breaking to reengage if you don’t respond couldn’t slow down and come to a stop and it’s lane and connect to emergency personnel to can manually contact emergency personnel using the eso es button herethat’s just some of what you can do to make your volkswagen even more enjoyable to drive and you’ll be glad to know it’s all back to our carefree coverage which comes with every new volkswagen coverage includes carefree maintenance roadside assistance a new vehicle limited warranty and cornet remote access features such as remote lock and unlock

See the complete sweet of benefits at v w dot com slash coverage you’ll also want to download the my v w apt to put everything such as service reminder scheduling and history at your fingertips when you activate v w car net in my vw you can also do things like locker unlock your doors for find your car a parking lot if you haven’t get signed up for my v w we can do it now download my v w from your app store log and if you already have a vw id or to sign up and enter your email and password of your choosing once you accept the volkswagen id terms get an email with a link to the login screen there you’ll be guided through setting up your account and preferences


Your new volkswagen should show up automatically if not enter the then found on the driver side of the dashboard you can see it through your windshield the apple then ask you to either scan a qr code or enter a registration number you can find these and your infotainment screen just go to menu settings v w car net online services registration except the terms of service and all the essential tools and information will be ready to use


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