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Hello everyone will come back to my ten and don’t forget to like go men and such okay video will tell you about ship or birch se jin attorney where are you or someone you love seriously injured to to seep aren’t birch accident do you have a loved one would tied to to parse accident when your belly hard for my sleep and full exigent during june jurists at sea work if you ask her yes to any of this and you should seek that the assistance of a shape or barge exit an attorney okay tinker or kind of course ship injuries are a citizen

If you were in a cargo ship or tender exit and you may be entitled to compensation under a specific type of us maritime law caught the jones act also known as the harper workers’ compensation act the owner of the first saw may be responsible for profit a bro fighting immediate and full medical care law switches the covering of ongoing medical bills and compensation for both emotional and physical trauma and hardship

A preference you know maritime matter and they can also have to endure he didn’t defy if several deregulation have been ignored or for i liked it and then oil rig or oh platform injuries are a in american workers on purchase or ships often have to do half the love doing or unloading third of cool via men your own lifting or crates oh other maritime were grossman may work on up on on oil platform our oil rig they consist of a floating barge stuck to the sea floor through some a rolex this kind of porch is used for a crude oil extraction the first couple surfing weirder condition

Number two mechanical equipment that has and properly been maintained number three fires and explosions nemo for missed governmental inspection number five oh rate or oil platform a sudden and and number six incomplete mandatory maintenance to quote injuries are excited to the working conditions are some of the most hazardous er you ask her purse and waters to put workers are in charge of managing their small vessels again some of the largest cargo ships to put worry guys are required to direct this large vessels with a heavy towing lines from their a little to both chicks this small sick environment requires a lot of skill and lids too many talk related accidents every year

Assault or us all of these vessels operate on harper gusto and in inline whether we no matter what kind of maritime occupation you have workers are protected by us maritime law if you were injured working on a barge a shape or loading article from the dog you may be entitled to compensation under us maritime low fear the chance act also known as the harper workers’ compensation act and then how maritime law of fake shipping and blaze the ship owners and and shipping companies have a legal responsibility for the will be of their employees they must provide them with transportation income many surface and room and worked well they are working on ships are similar press they also must maintain a c worse the first loss in terms of sophie’s june stuffing equipment and supplies and south of the features

If you why you suffer an injury or illness well fc shipowners months for of five men to names and career in order in other words employees are eligible for a cynical medical care and living expenses until they can return to work injured employees are also i’m sorry injured employees also are typically eligible for the compensation that they were to receive well let’s see also employment contract may limit the amount of on aren’t competition they can receive employees right under maritime law when you suffer injury or illness well at see you have a right to recent nipple necessary medical care by a doctor boom you choose you may need to see a company selected doctor for an initial a full ocean

But you are entitled to get ongoing medical care from the doctor or facility of your choice furthermore receiving medical care is a right because of who is at fault for causing the exit in you are eligible for medical care for injuries the worsen a pre existing medical condition as real as you injuries if you receive do ring medical options on treatment for your injuries that the law requires that the dispute be resolved by getting the recommended treatment even if it is recommended by one medical bro fighter and not the other euro to receive medical care and maintenance and corrupt benefits following an injury is not depend on signing any wafers incidents bible february or settlement agreements you are eligible for these benefits after an injury because it was a waiter you sign this

I will work in many cases employers will attempt to limit or avoid their sorry in many cases employers will attempt to limit or avoid their area bullet the by requiring your signature before you receive the necessary benefits don’t give a recorded steadman like ways you are not required to key for recorded steadman about this exited that led to your injuries well reporting your injury is necessary you may not be in a condition to give an appropriate record your steadman plus trying to adjust or dispute that steadman can be problematic later on and and maritime law and see passengers

Ship owner also have a dirty to protect their passengers and give them reasonably safe from the risk of harm cheerio maritime law last injured messengers not just seen men are employees to bring mentally guns claims against us ship owners are companies for their noses teaming from their injuries this neck of guns claims are similar to those who are to those the injury fucked them school bring against property owners for injuries suffered on lan and then how an attorney can help you file your clean employers and insurance companies often will attempt to alleviate the earlier bloody and financial exposure raid minimising your interests and situation the take advantage of your injuries and tried to talk you into a quick settlement at a freak you’re dead is less down your potential quinn is worth

Following your server injury you may be confused or under the effect of medication and therefore and apple to make local decisions for the more you’ll likely we’ll need legal advice before making decisions about something as major as the one of your injury glee you can level the playing field by enlisting the help of legal console we can investigate the city from censored that like to your injuries calculate the costs of necessary medical care and you have a strong demand for compensation to your employer by putting pressure on your employer to be fear and this an apple you may be more likely to receive the settlement meets your needs conduct an attorney for help with your turn around they’re timeless a day

General maritime law is the core a cornerstone the conference injury issues related to maritime and other of sure accidents for more information up with your buttons ya maritime locally contact libre de airless injury lawyers lawyers

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