The Right Way to Choose a Profitable Business for Workers & Employees

Who doesn’t want to live a full life? Of course, every human being instinctively wants a decent life. Even more than that, it has a lot of assets to meet the needs and welfare of life for a long period of time. But in real life, not everything that is desired can be realized even though various efforts have been maximally carried out.
This can be understood, in addition to aiming to obtain income / income certainty, also to obtain the expected social and financial status. Again, in working life, it turns out that many have not achieved what they have always wanted. 
The time and energy spent is not commensurate with the salary/income earned. 
Below, we will describe how a worker/employee, can maximize his free time to capture business opportunities that have the potential to increase family income.

Recognize your potential and talents

This is very important, because a lot of people do this type of business on the basis of an invitation/persuasion from other people who are not necessarily in accordance with their talents and skills.
Among the potential talents that can be developed are: creative-productive talent, artistic talent, social talent, kinesthetic/psychomotor talent (the ability to perform good movements such as running, dancing, making handicrafts, etc.), academic talent (language logic), numbers, and the like), and so on.

Determine the type of business according to interests and talents 

Before determining the type of business to be run, first determine the purpose. Is it just an ordinary side business to take advantage of existing free time and skills, or will you really start a business that will be developed into the main family business in the future.

Several types of businesses are recommended for workers and employees

  • Stock investment (blue chip stocks, gold, property, time savings, mutual funds, etc.), of course, must go through a learning process and avoid speculation without careful calculations.
  • Plantation, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fisheries. Of course with a system of cooperation for the results or wages of workers. It can also be developed such as the business of ornamental fish and other ornamental animals, chirping birds, ornamental plants, and others.
  • Culinary (can be run by the wife assisted by children or employees)
  • Franchise business, this type of business is relatively suitable for workers and employees, because the process does not require a long time, certain skills, and has the potential to get relatively stable and increasing results.
  • Trade in goods and services that run offline and online.
That’s a glimpse of how to choose and determine a profitable business, especially for workers and employees, without leaving their main duties and jobs. 
Don’t forget to be consistent, patient, grateful, and help others. May be useful.

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