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The Top Personal Injury Accident Attorney Answers Your FAQs End Of Dec_2022

Hi everybody this is attorney or key recommend a new york city personal injury trial attorney and welcome till last week tonight where we answer your questions and talk about your comments it’s all about you the viewer what we do with we read the comments and questions and we just answer it a pretty much live on i haven’t really been prepared for it beforehand but so we give you like i’m an analysis of what we think about your or your question or comment from our experience as i new york city our personal injury attorney is let’s go to the first question where about seven days away from being current and the first question is from jam slam and she asks if my case is worth fifty thousand dollars would it be better to get lawsuit funding or take a cash advance from my credit card


With a five thousand dollar limit and a twenty nine percent a p r that an annual percentage rate well i think you know it would depend on the interest rate of the funding usually the funding companies will give you a rate that is about maybe two point eight percent but it’s compounded so it might turn out to be cheaper to take it from the from the credit card company it also depends on how much money you need right because if you just need a small amount i for example if you have a five thousand dollar limit and you have a twenty nine percent a pr but you just need like a thousand dollars you know you have to compare both you could probably put put


I’m into like an excel spreadsheet a compare both or ask the funding company to do the projection for you stupid you know compare both and see which one is better but for the most part yeah funding companies the they could charge a little bit more because they are taking that risk remember it’s not a low what they’re doing is they’re giving you money as a nine require i mean if the cases lost or if you just say you know what i don’t want to get medical hearing i don’t care about this case i just don’t care about any don’t want it they have no recourse they can get that money back so it’s not alone with with they’re doing is they are buying a piece of the pie so then equal to whatever money they give you let’s say they give you oh thousand dollars and then your case takes like three years and they tell you the projections in three years your own me acts so in three years that thousand dollars my turn into four thousand but then what they also do as they kept meaning they put a ceiling i was then a lot like a thousand dollars are trying to twenty rates a lot of these the companies will cap at like twice


Nice or three times the principal so then the one thousand could become three hours alexei and then at the end when it’s time to pay them off depending on all the factors involved you could also call them have a were call them and oftentimes the lower the pay off so you know like the three thousand my become like twenty two hundred but for the most for yeah they do charge a lot of interest i only recommend it when it’s an absolute emergency and when you have no other option so it the credit card might be a better option okay let’s go to the next question the next question is any recommendations on a great attorney in arkansas who has expertise in motorcycle accidents yeah absolutely i do know some really good attorneys in arkansas


And you know really depends on the specific city your case i don’t like a just they all this is the it i use in arkansas ita so the best thing to do as the text me the three four seven five six six nine five nine five i could do a quick text with you we could do a quick chat and then once i know a little bit about your case the injuries than i could provide the attorney for are you and i also have to you know contact the attorney make sure the attorneys on board and that they’ll take your case so when you call them everything is already set up some willing to do that you know me and habit intake team of about seven people that help me we mostly are handling your cases but if you needed somewhere else you know we could we could go to work for you so that’s what i like to do so you know i feel like the recommendation i’m giving you is just like you know a shot in the dark i want to make sure that the lawyer is interested at a lawyer will take the case you know cadillac set everything up and then when you make the call everything is done already but the did to do that i need to know a little bit more about what happened your injuries you know of a motorcycle cases you know in arkansas


I absolutely arkansas knows on a lot of different attorneys actually in some very good attorneys their okay the next question question number three for today is from a friend’s duran and he asks i just had my l for l five s one fusion and laminate to me on a slip and fall in brooklyn shaking my head go worst yeah i’m sorry to hear that that is really really a serious injury if you had that three level l four o five and as one that’s a really serious injury that could be a multimillion dollar case that could be like a three four million dollar case may be even more it has to be worked up the right way with flipping falls it’s really important to get an engineer


A safety expert to go out there and to see what the code violations are we have a few different a year that we use and are all really really good i in fact we just had one testify honor super case and he was so good he was just really polished and smooth and calm and he testified so well and then when that a lift the iterate try to cross examine him the thing i like about him as he didn’t get angry getting argue he just a cool calm that a great job i didn’t really hurt him across and we ended up getting on a seven figure on settlement during the trial seven figure result a multimillion dollar results of yeah absolutely if you need our help just you of us a card you’re happy with the if you have a were happy with your it’s fine to you know when i just in it be trying to help people on so you know the give you are a little bit of advice or whatever you need okay let’s go to the next question angel mendoza i was rear ended by a penske least try calling an amazon trailer


Oh and sixty miles an hour while i was waiting in line for a port of entry in oregon i had to get surgery on my wrist and it’s been since january twenty twenty one and all my attorney his seem to get is around fifty thousand dollars yeah i mean that seems kind of lousy waiting at a port of entry you get rear ended by a truck and you have a trailer or the truck is falling at amazon trail are so amazon should have enough insurance so yeah really depends on like you know i don’t know exactly what’s going on but again just tax me i have you speak with you get a little bit more information if there’s more coverage available from the trailer as well as the tractor with the rock and then there’s a lot of other things that only a truck accident atari will know how to do for example there’s the mcs ninety endorsement there’s brokerage ship reliability you might be able to get amazon’s insurance involved into the case but you need somebody who’s familiar with on trucking and we work with the american truck ccident attorneys it’s a group of some of the best trucking attorneys they in fact they go out to montana in the summer and they actually have a trucking expert explain how to drive a truck and they may work for a week they learn everything about how to drive a truck how trucks work everything about that the clutching and

We thing with the truck and then they also know about all these other issues like we talked about insurance how how everything works like the stalking how to get more policies broker liability ship reliability had a new corporate designee depositions through the thirty be six where you can i have an individual top talk about all of the knowledge of the to trucking company and wherever that person says becomes the voice of the company and then you bind the company and you make the company live off there’s a lot of different tricks it’s really complicated almost like learning a new language but maybe your lawyer isn’t i mean i’m just guessing but maybe they’re not the trucking accident specialist if they’re only getting fifty thousand on a case like that with those surgery


So to feel free to reach out i’m happy to put you in touch with somebody and out of the cases in oregon or where the case is pending but i pretty much no lawyers all across the country so wherever it penny oregon i know some excellent lawyers and that not a problem okay let’s go to the next question it’s actually a comment from operation low and he says this is amazing ah thank you thank you for the kind comments and then and jos there’s always good to hear from you my friend thank you joe and then we have frank smith okay here’s a question i’d like to know too low impact damage to a vehicle dramatically decrease the value to a case where an individual who never had a herniated discs ends up with more than seven herniated disks and a t v i had an interior cervical fusion and now my lawyer saying that because my car had minimal damage that i should accept what the other side is offering should i seek new legal assistance and should i take this to court and risk losing i mean


You know it’s hard for me to say just from that but i wouldn’t be worried about the low property damage lady actually of us the prior last week tonight episodes i just thought the one or two prior before this what i think i went into it and little bit detail and i explain how some of the lawyers deal with on low property damage it’s not really a problem i mean unless it was completely like a little bit about look at such a fender bender that nothing was damaged and it’s just a little scratch then i mean it could be a problem are unaware lie to you but for the most part a long as there was any kind of impact even if the damage to the car was not substantial you can still win the case there’s a lot of analogies people use eggs they say why do you open up the carton of eggs read if damage has to be to the outside of the car damage has to be to the outside of the carton there’s no damage to the carton of eggs why do people open it because it’s known that you could get damaged to it where was inside the car just like the egg could be damaged inside the current without any damage to the

The carton or box of eggs itself right so it’s the same thing another lawyer does it with a chair where he picks a chair and he says look there’s no damage to the chair but you know or are you hurt your sitting in the chair you could be a really heard from somebody kicking the chair were a car crashing into the chair it so it just depends there’s also like the issue of different cars right some cars have those plastic bumpers or those armed guards as robber guard so that might prevent actual damage that visible to the to the car and are some cards are just stronger they have the the medal ah protection you know some cars are taller are taller car hitting a shorter car might not cause damage where you would expect vice versa so it really depends but i mean a case like this


I wouldn’t really worry about that if you really have herniated discs you never had anything prior you have a t b i and if you had a fusion i mean that could be a big case that they should take that case seriously i don’t know how much you’re offering doesn’t say how much but it should be that neck that could be of definitely a high six figure possibly even a seven figure case so we’d have to look at all of the circumstances but yeah feel free to reach our just text mean three four seven five six six nine point nine five let me know where it’s happening you gotta fill out the form have a form in the description to the videos you fill out the form and that way i get all the information like your name what happened or your injury were and that i can give you a bit more analysis that are specific to your case okay let’s go to the next question and this says


One when you reach m am i that maximum medical improvement will you still get benefits until the settlement check arrives yeah you should still get benefits i mean as if it’s a worker’s comp you still get benefits i even if you reach maximum medical improvement in new york what happens is once you reach maximum medical improvement the insurance company will send you to their a doctor in a car accident case in a regular third party car accident case so what does say is you don’t need anymore medical care because you’ve had a maximum medical improvement and then they’ll cut you off and then you can’t get any more medical care so then you just have to continue getting a medical care using your own health insurance or using a little protection really but that’s with a regular on third party case okay and then the next question is from maria patchy and she asks please elaborate the circumstances under which you open a policy thank you


Yeah sure i’m an opening a policy really it you can’t really and you can do it in new york it’s very difficult in other states like in i don’t washington stayed in on a near seattle you can do it you could definitely do it in california other lot of states that have bad faith lhasa were basically says is you’re sending a letter let’s say to the insurance company as well as to the defense lawyer and you’re giving and everything right you’re telling look your own medical records i had this life changing forever injury you have thirty days pay me the policy let’s say the policies one hundred thousand you have one hundred thousand and policy my injury to have this fusion had this i have you no impact on my life it’s not worth way more than one hundred out pay me the hundred thousand if you don’t that’s fine and we’re going to go to court but in court we’re not going to ask for the same hundred thousand and ask for a million and who’s gonna pay the rest right because your policyholder purchased this insurance policy and all they have is one hundred thousand the and you as an insurance company have a duty of good faith and fair dealing talk


That policy holder the person that purchased the insurance right you have to protect them now you can look at your own interests as a insurance company your own financial interests but you have to put the interests of that policyholder on an equal footing with your own interests you can’t say well we care about our profits so we’re going to care about ourselves and this policy holder who paid of appeal for premiums for this hundred as no policy don’t care what happens to them maybe though it will and will just flip a coin maybe they’ll get hit for a million dollars maybe you know it will get a defense where you can’t do that right so here the likelihood that were gonna hit for more than a hundred thousand is so strong that you should pay the


One hundred thousand dollar policy and then often times letters get them to pay now they don’t pay then it’s a letter is drafted correctly and it’s complicated you really need a lawyer to do it there’s like a book actually out there on how to do it properly and i think ten different points i want to get into all that ten point because it gets a little bit boring and legal ease type so but there’s ten different points that you have to hit in the letter now if if the letter is it the is proper than with a letter does it opens up the policy because if they don’t pay you the hundred thousand and the deadline has expired and you gave him a reasonable opportunity gave him all the evidence that they don’t need to like examine something more or


They don’t have on you know sometimes they’ll say well we need to look at something that you’re not telling us about we need to look at these medical records or then it might not be open i but if you give them everything and you given that opportunity and they say know for whatever reason now it’s opens in a retail a i’m gonna go to trial and then if you go to trial and in the jury returns a hybrid like a million dollars you know who’s gonna pay that extra nine hundred thousand sometimes the insurance company has to pay it because they are in bad faith so then what happens is the insurance company could assign the bad faith case the third party case you know already you and then you actually end up i’m representing the palace the whole der it in a lawsuit against the insurance company for that extra nine hundred thousand so that they have to end up paying so that’s how it works it in many states and it’s it’s a very good luck they get the insurance companies to pay fair amount okay let’s go to the next question is from a gene ah gene asked you why is oh she’s just saying okay now she says she’s gonna call me reach out and she does not have an attorney should get a call me this afternoon okay that’s fine then


Another question from ray he how can you be on workers’ comp for that long and he’s referring to workers’ comp struggles i think that was like a short video that we did maybe a question that we took from a longer video posted like a little short so i’m yeah i don’t actually do straight workers’ comp it’s not something that i do myself i i do sometimes work on straight workers’ comp together with a worker’s comp lawyer i usually do the third party meeting the personal injury lawsuit by i’m you can be on workers’ comp for a while though i know people been on workers’ comp for years here in new york it really depends i think workers’ comp just were acts as insurance rate of pay for your medical care it pays for your lost wages and then you could also settle your workers comp with know the section thirty two and you get a lump sum payment and then they get a credit to then your was a you get you were getting checks and by weekly those checks stop because you got the lump sum but then once you expand and spend down and


You know spend that credit in the same alexei bi weekly payments a again five hundred dollars every two weeks so what’s that time expires where you would have spent five and daughter were two weeks but you get a big lump something one hundred thousand that my take whatever number of minds like a year to two years what’s that ends then you start getting the my weekly payments again so workers’ comp people can be on come for a while i am how can we get personal injury show saying great information thank you and thank you for watching and then we have primordial titan i’m in arizona i’m looking for a lawyer i was writing the metro public bus transportation we had an accident i sprained my right hand swelling in the right thigh point me in the right direction i was just released from the hospital last night


Yee oh yeah to this person texted me i we talked and i did provide him with and arizona lawyers let me know if that worked out if he did not you know just you switch back out maybe i’ll try to find someone else but i believe i see i were i he will it was in phoenix arizona and i do know some excellent lawyers in phoenix i provided him with a trailer that i know to be excellent in phoenix and when a case just happens like that sometimes it’s hard to that because you’re just happened so on in i i don’t know if the lawyer ends up taking it or not when a cases a little bit older like a few months at least that i can get a better sense of whether lawyer the i’m working with will want it or not because i could tell him about the the injury information like the medical diagnosis you i could come here it’s a it’s a little bit unclear because it just happened was just released so depends on


And how the or injury plays out the usually lawyers do why the fresh cases the cases that a brand new okay and and ray he says yes yes i’m ready got my popcorn ready to go thank you and he is responding to our video about can you guess the t i verdict when we talk about traumatic brain injury is our the video he did last week so check that out if you haven’t it’s pretty good when and we could do more videos about dramatic brain injuries and on that the different types of heard it okay and then let’s see here we have a question from as said see and hear she asks would you ask for a judge in a t b i or a jury court i would say usually a jury i mean the judge you know usually tend to be more can serve it is compared to a jury you don’t have that possibility with the judge judge the good thing about a judge’s like whatever the judge ends up getting you as a verdict will usually be more sustainable meaning that if a jury give you one hundred million dollars will ended the defendants could appeal and then the appellate division which are judges might say


Over one hundred million is crazy take like ten million a year to handle to do the trial over again and interested to hear them say that right to get the appeal decision could take another two or three years after your jury trial so i with overweight two or three year they just got a jury trial he just got a verdict your hundred million dollars they’re happy they want to wait three years just to have been told you know at the that the rate is is gone and just do another trial or take much less like one tenth of what you got right i just like an example could be anything could be a three million dollar rape and they tell you to take six hundred thousand and right so that’s why you know people might want to judge but for the most part juries are better in that you have


That higher upside and if the case merritt said and you and your lord knows how to present it in a way that it will be sustained on appeal then you can do much better with a jury okay that we have a question from this is like a long some kind of a long thread yes okay ray all ray he again he says minds is an empty be ipos can cause of syndrome so i may need to reevaluate for a lesser even though it’s a million policy i need to take whatever they give me pose can cause of syndrome to be i have a permanent injury so i may not be worth that much like having a soft tissue injury i mean no mtb i can definitely be worth a lot like what what i’m trying to explain in the videos that i’ve done is that i don’t believe there’s such a thing is mtb ira because they did they call it mild traumatic brain injury but any injury that to the brain cannot be mild because the brain is the most important thing anybody


Has right like your brain as controls everything control your emotions or control your logic your executive functioning it’s pretty much the controller for who you are how you take things and and how you express yourself to the outside world to the brain is so important so any injury to the brain as documented if you haven’t you rather religious if you have a new radiologist with films confirming a real radiological injury to the brain such as a diffuse tensor imaging or an m r i anything like that plus you have a neurosurgeon i’ll just on that should be a big case that i should be a policy case or if it’s a million and they should pay the million you know it maybe you can get more find out of there’s umbrella or access absolutely that’s a big big case i i would not take whatever they can give you on a case like that no way okay and then we have


A comment from a raft and he says absolutely love the spinal fusion analogy be ideal keep doing more videos on these injuries like spinal fusions in my opinion your best content love it or thank you so much a out the absolutely we’re going to keep doing that the in fact i have planned on some videos about different types of injuries like shoulder injuries knee injury maybe like open reduction internal fixation which is a common type of surgery people get to their ankle you know i know all types of injuries will we could do is we can do videos about different types of injuries that are common that many of you may have or know someone who has as well as types of incidents like for example constructions didn’t or ceiling collapse or a slip of our trip or for motorcycle crash right so he could do it about types of cases and also types of injuries okay let’s go to the next question do you have an email to share yeah absolutely you the email me at contact at eight six six a t t y l a w dot com


That’s eight six six a t t y l a w dot com that’s actually our phone number ah the eighty two wise the abbreviation for attorney so eighty t y law with an eight six six before that are phone number you could reach us you could also a to our website it’s just eight six six eighty t y la dot com or you could email as that contact at eight six six eighty two i like com so absolutely or you could text me the texting is good because it goes right to my phone it’s a after i use but it goes right the my personal cell phone so it’s the best way to reach me directly and at the three four seven five six six nine five nine five okay it’s a shame how they have no soul or remorse about the death for that man and his loved ones shaking my head i do hope this video will bring a new trial they should not be ringing a bell or congratulate each other on a death they know their client is at fault for oh and they’re talking about the video warning here’s what every personal injury that don’t need to know yeah that was a case


I did about a dirty defense trick where they had a video and they were like laughing about winning a case where they knew they were at fault and their client creek cause the the injury and was at fault but they came up with all these i frivolous defenses and for some reason the jury bought it and of a yeah there is going to be a new trial that was already decided and i believe the trial laura was going to do to new trial go do it pro bono for free and he’s a really good trailer he recently to twenty seven million dollar verdict in a complex medical malpractice days and he also won he was part of a trial team that won almost a three hundred million verdict out in washington state against monsanto for he’s a really good trial lawyer on and so yeah so i think that they’re going to be they’re gonna do do justice for their family and let’s see we’re coming down to the homestretch only a few more questions


In a comment from blake would crash talking about the factors the injury needs to be reported that most in treated the specialist need to consult on they have to correlate the attorney with the highest integrity to take the case don’t start trying to recover try not to have gaps in treatment yeah this is all good stops the of social media don’t discuss your situation where people you don’t trust and then learn from arcadia thank you hickey so it’s yeah absolutely i think that’s great analysis angry at people are learning superlevy becoming some of these other commenters are becoming a as smart as attorneys because they’re learning let’s get that’s what youtube is all about indefinite continue to learn continue to grow and that that’s thank you for that analysis okay and then they say can eat can you please do a video of


Out neck fracture compensation or verdict and asked the or was it a spinal fusion which injury specifically and they said yes a fracture see wine i also had a t i that shows in a cat scan and i also had impeachment on the right shoulder with lumbar desk l five us one that comes out yeah as i you know if you had a fracture see one with fractured vertebrae that means the bone is broken read of vertebrae could show ya quick this is a model read so it’s the vertebrae bone the white part that’s broken so of that’s broken when you want to watch out for is it look nice retro polishing you don’t want a piece of that bone to then go flip back and start touching these nerve root is it is yellow yellow parts right there because if it’s touching the nerve routes what happens is on the nam bonded impinge the nerve root and that neither the nerve or a journey through your spine that cause pain so that’s what you really want to my chopra had a case with that with the fractured vertebrae with retro polje you know surgery


And we still ended up getting close to half a million dollars i could be a really serious case but yeah if you had any kind of surgery she says a fracture see want a tv i t v i like super serious i definitely would work up the tb i first and see how much insurance there is and then impinging on the right shoulder impingement can be serious to i’ll do a video feed about arthroscopic surgery you may need arthroscopic surgery if it’s an impeachment and then a lumbar this gal filers one with the hardy asian for that that all sounds very serious they’ll say where but yeah feel free to text me just to the text me too three four seven five six six nine find that five happy to jump on a call talk to you about it and help you


Okay and then operation lol says can i get my c l he credits for watching this video hey yeah that’s the continuing legal education if you’re an attorney why i wish i wish they would add certified i think he could apply depending on what state you’re in yeah get it why not if you’re letting he should he should deftly get credit and then be oregon authors could you please make more videos about knee injuries with surgery verdict yeah absolutely that’s one of the ones that i have planned already downloaded some of the verdict searches on going to go through those and start doing them and then i asked her any particular type of knee injury and she says a hyper traffic fat pad syndrome and


You have experience dealing are suing rental car insurance for example hurts and their self insured yeah i mean you just threw them the same as you would any other company and the fact that their self insured doesn’t really matter it’s it’s good in the sense that there’s not really a limit right the that hurts their big company they have enough insurance and you can get a big aig now but you might have to go little further you might have to go to a jury because the fact that their self ensure it may mean that they have a self insured retention so may not be as easy to get a big settlement right up front from them say ads with one of the tricks with them and then miss mills says everytime i see a post a video i think it’s the video for the amazon hit and run with surgery l l l on being patient and he wanted me to do i think i talked about the amazon hit and run with surgery but yet he text me and you tell me to specific sweet lot of form the i it’s a little form that i haven’t the description


You put your name your phone number the facts like what happened try to tell me so i could almost like to see it right like i’m watching a movie at i’m seeing it happen give me all the details and then tell me about your injuries that way i could talk is just that amazon him run by that doesn’t really tell me i can’t really give you too much input about the amazon hit and run i’m a new low more information but yeah the i to i didn’t talk about it in a prior videos well and then i he says your videos are always so helpful give me peace of mind i look you up literally every day to see if you post keep up the good work bro we appreciate real honest people like you thank you so much i really appreciate our that’s really a nice thing to say and yeah i mean i i like helping people and i enjoy doing these videos it helps me to it up new like or and if if someone else something that i don’t know and i’ll research it a little bit all died a little bit deeper so it helps me to and then we have a question from mike cook and he asks how long can take after the preach


Conference my pre trial conference was scheduled for october and was adjourned for january how long do you think the insurance can delay having a trial date the cases in queens and in january it will be four and a half years from the date of the accident a good idea for a video the to expose insurance delay tactics people should understand that they must hire a personal injury lawyer immediately after an injury keep up the good work you have a doing a great job yeah i mean like in queens i would say after the pre trials usually about six months perhaps a little shorter could be a little longer than another backlog is right now the queen’s has been pretty efficient your compared to like the broad it’s even much slower so queens has been okay if you already have your pre trial that means you’re on the calendar and there a dog value that giving it a pre draft so maybe another like six months you should be going for trial but also your question about insurance delay tactics get that’s a good topic i’ll try to do that as a video that’s a very very good topic because unfortunately i’m going on an ally


And then we have a question from ray so is it good if the insurance company wants to settle a month later as your deposition or is it bad if they want to sell so it’s not really like good or bad it really depends on the amount right if they want to sell for what you feel is a fair amount and it’s just a reasonable it’s significant than your settle it if they feel like it they want to sell their giving you peanuts like the a one tanker pennies on the dollar then obviously it’s not enough and then we have more zero four ninety and she or he asks his convergence insufficiency an automatic sign of a brain injury yeah absolutely that’s an eye condition where your eyes don’t track together so it’s a it insufficiency and i could be a brain injury that is a one of the symptoms of a brain injury and that is a type of brain injury and they have testing for that they have vestibule are testing and different types of and testing that can prove that good convergence insufficiency that can be a very strong very strong case


And then leonardo quest says great video god bless you thank you so much leonardo thank you for watching i think this is someone who watches a lot of our videos and comments often so i really appreciate that and then we have h chambers will getting surgery for a herniated disc injury and also an injection for a toy torrens shoulder labour on all while i workers’ comp deduct from the workers’ comp settlement but does it increase the third party personal injury settlement of the person who caused the i’m dealing with a dog chased injury that caused a fall and a herniated disk and shoulder injury the dog came from out of the house if i don’t get back surgery i will get an epidural injection thanks so much yeah i’m sorry to hear that i mean usually what happens is it won’t really did duct from the workers’ comp i mean the comp as if you’re working and the dog is chasing you then of course you know the dog


I mean you’re you’re working right you’re entitled to workers’ comp but the fact that you have a surgery for a herniated disk and the fact that you also need an injection for a torn a labouring that is to the personal injury case the workers’ comp is just paying you write that insurance or is paying you for getting your i mean paying you your last wages and they’re also paying for your medical bills so it works like insurance now of course if you do end up getting these procedures you may have to pay back a little bit more to the workers’ comp because they have a lean for you know the payouts they do for the last waited as well as the passage you for the medical bills record they have to pay the surgeon for the procedure but that’s like pales in comparison that just a tiny percentage that like you know say the surgery cost i don’t know it’s a a surgery costs five thousand ten thousand but the fact that you now have the surgery you can get much more and the third party last year if you’re suing that’s a the dog owner and they have homeowners insurance and and like a million policy on the in the house


You could perhaps get you know three hundred thousand because you had a labour i’m a surgery for the shoulder and then you pay back like ten or fifteen thousand to the doctors are still make sense to do it so i wouldn’t really worry about that and then they also talk about a summer geisha law and order the doctor recommended a micro diskette the me and and this shoulder ortho wants me to get an injection first so yeah i’m in like it could be a big case i don’t know on i think that illinois they’re saying he’s originally from brooklyn but now it’s in illinois and it is hard for me to sailor he says also what’s the southern value it’s hard for me to say you know without knowing the case in illinois i’m happy to put you in touch with an attorney if you need when or if you’re happy with your existing a tree i really recommend speaking with them during the consultation giving them a phone call or email


Meeting them in the office you’ll get caught to find out from them does don’t know much more than me to have more that intimate knowledge are handling the case day in day out they really should know the case should be able to give you some projection of what they expect are the result to be but yeah absolutely okay and then we have my cases in manhattan this is from black powerful my cases in manhattan new york courts are they cool like the bronx i’m suing a first responder truck hit me from the back at a red light no lights on the truck on and then i had a net fusion and shoulder surgery migrant escaped me and my lumbar knee surgery my life definitely had a change and i will be okay in manhattan yeah i mean manhattan is not too bad i’m in manhattan it depends on the jury right the like i would say the bronx


It’s a little better than a hat and for the most part the general general it will you could do very well in manhattan as long as you take time to pick a jury ask them the right questions make sure they can allow for these multimillion dollar results the some jurors may not be able to allow for a me i want to really allow for a multimillion dollar results because of their beliefs right there system of least because we all come into jury that the selection right they just get a summons in their mailbox they just show up because they’re they’re being told by the government that they have to show up they don’t shop a judge could issue an arrest warrant for that right so these people that are showing up what what is their system of beliefs we all come in with who we are and who were trying to become in the future are they the type of people that will not allow for multimillion dollar verdict


Because at the end of the day once the where’s the of they’re closing the jurors go into a room and the all talk to each other and they have to decide on the verdict how much to give you so you want to make sure that all those people have six people can if the law and the evidence justify that allow for let’s say seven million ten know some people might say you don’t i don’t want to be a part of a case like that which is fine the your lawyer should find out a jury selection and not select those people’s that’s very very important to do oh can i think we’re down to like the final questions we have a common here from ray i thought we only go to mediation if the insurance companies don’t want to settle i mean not necessarily mm mediation is a type of settlement right non binding and you have a judge but you just discuss the case so if you feel like the case can settle or will settle likely settle a mediation it’s a type of attack


In dispute resolution meeting it’s an alternative to trial so i would only go to mediation if there’s a good faith offer and if the case is likely to sell if they’re not going to settle don’t go because they’re just going to lowball you and then you just go spend money and you know he can take sides wasted time and then the final comment from blake would crest always great content for the person with the fusions take the money even if it’s a little less and do laser surgery those fusions will take their top and so many surgeons and even radiologists miss a seiko fracture which can be difficult to see getting multiple level fusions and all of that scar tissue isn’t worth the money and the pain even if you get three million it’s nothing get a little less with that to surgery and invest or get the laser surgery with the qualified neurosurgeon this is not legal and or medical advice okay yeah need a really depends on you


You know what you need it is no such thing as you know everyone should either like not fusion or get if he is it really depends on your particular circumstances i will say fusions are serious they’re putting and like age a metal titanium or through the decent cage and they’re drilling into the vertebrae and they’re taking out the entire disk and putting it in artificial discontent the ever do with known as grafting so yeah they’re very serious i wouldn’t recommend like going and day doing fusion like that we want to do as you want to go the natural progression first you try physical therapy if that doesn’t help you might might try pain management like an injection or on a striker to compressor can do it disgusts me percutaneous this kick the new the remove the league from the her


The asian if none of that helps and years have gone by and then you’ve exhausted all your other options than you can of course consider a fusion if you needed if you can’t live without with the pain and you need to pay to go away by yeah definitely a serious surgery life changing surgery of your health is have been helpful please like and subscribe to our channel a were up to date our that was the last a common it was twenty hours ago so now we’re up to date and now we are ready for your new comments please comment ask questions like and subscribe to our channel we are here for you all the best happy holidays and we’ll talk to you very said bye bye

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