Top 8 Best Android FRP Apps

As an android expert here are some important android apps you need to know which are related to emergency Google account management or removal, Some times they are used for Google account FRP bypassing.


You may hear of FRP before or have seen it on YouTube, FRP is the process of controlling someone’s phone or Google account especially using a hand, It’s an indirect trick for removing a Google account from an android device. Did you ever try FRP before? This article is for my fellow friends that want to know much about android.


Is Google Account FRP Bypassing The Right Thing?

To some extent, Google accounts bypassing or removal is a great technical help Because to access an android phone gotten wiped you need to input the recent Google account linked to it before you can complete the setups after wiping or resetting it.

Buying a phone with a Google account you didn’t know can result in this issue when you reset or wipe the phone containing a Google account on it, So please if you wanted to wipe your phone it’s better to make sure of no Google account linked to the device if not your own.


If I said Google account I’m referring the word to your Gmail id. Below are the 8 best Android FRP apps.

1. FRP Bypass Apk

This is one of the most important frp tools for Android phones it gives access to Google account signing after all the FRP settings are activated.

2. Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

Best app that leads all android settings even after the phone reset or wiped, It gives all the results of settings only of that which the phone can’t let you, Also it’s allows you to search for any settings even if it’s the root settings.

3. Gsm Edge Apk

With this android tool, you can stop the working version of your Google account manager instead to work gsm edge will take control. All know that this app only works for version 5.0 to higher versions. 

4. Tecno Trick Care Apk

This tool does the same work as GSM Edge, if you didn’t find the gsm edge app this app can take place in the absence of the other tool.

5. ASUS Launcher Apk

Here the Asus launcher is the best tool for bypassing the home settings on android mostly used to trick android version 4.0 – 4.2.6.

6. Google Settings Apk

In most of the Huawei or Samsung FRP bypass, this app gives a great function for bypassing these two brands because it gives access to the google settings when the FRP settings are activated.

7. Samsung Settings Apk

This is another helpful bypassing tool for Samsung settings when it’s launched you can easily get access to the Samsung account and settings Because sometimes the quick shortcut maker won’t work for Samsung FRP.

8. Google Account Manager

The last helpful tool for Android FRP is the google account manager, this tool worth it when bypassing an old android 5.0 google account because by replacing the current bypassing phone google account manager with this external version, you can easily sign in to your new google account with the help of FRP bypass APK tool.


I hope this time I have reminded you or shared great android apk FRP tools with you as an android lover, beginner, or expert. You can get these apps through Google search, Glad to have your time.


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