Top 10 US University Scholarships For International Students 2023 – Apply Now

US University Scholarships For International Students – Are you interested in studying in the USA? The good news is that the United States of America offers a range of scholarships for international students. In this article, we shall reveal all the top best scholarships available at the best American universities, what benefits they offer, and how you can apply for them.

Major institutions in the United States are providing more than 1100 scholarships to international students for the next academic year 2023. These scholarships cover tuition, housing, health insurance, and travel expenses in addition to an average monthly stipend of $2,000.

To fulfill your dream of attending one of the best universities in the world, such as Yale University in the United States, Harvard University in the United States, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College, and many more, submit an application for fully funded scholarships. Find below the Top 10 US University Scholarships For International Students – 2023 (Apply Now).

Top 10 US University Scholarships For International Students

1. Auburn University International Undergrad AUM Scholarship

University: Auburn University at Montgomery

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

1. Applicants must submit an application for admission to the university’s undergraduate or master’s degree programs.

  • Sign up for an account here. You can use this to verify the status of an application or to begin one and finish it later. Applications for undergrad are free.
  • Publish your online application after finishing it.
  • Have your test results (ACT or SAT), transcripts, or any other supporting documentation you listed on the application delivered.

2. The Foundation’s management will analyze your information and return to you with a decision once they have received your complete application and any supporting documents. Decisions will be sent through postal mail and your e-mail address.

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2. Harvard University MBA Scholarship

The Harvard University MBA Grant is a fully funded MBA scholarship for international students. This scholarship covers a total of US$102,200 ($51,100 a year) in tuition support.

University: Harvard University

Study Level: MBA

How to Apply:

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting an application for the Berea College Scholarship:

  • Prepare your documents:
  • Your CV with a photo
  • GMAT scores
  • a letter of acceptance from your school.
  • Send a duplicate of your paperwork to:
  • Visit the official site to begin your application.

3. Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Studies

International students may apply for a fully funded master’s grant through the Musser Fellowship program. The full $25,000 in tuition for the period of the research study will be covered by this award.

University: Penn State Great Valley

Study Level: Masters

How to Apply:

To apply for the Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Studies, please follow these steps.

  • Enter all required information here
  • Prepare the following:
  • Your CV
  • An essay outlining goals for your education, your profession, and your entrepreneurial experience.
  • Names and numbers of two references
  • Submit your application here.

4. University of Mississippi Scholarships

The University of Mississippi Award 2021 is a funded award for international students. Only undergraduate programs are eligible for these financial subsidies. The range of prizes offered by the program is $3,900 to $23,454. International applicants will be considered if they have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.50 to 4.00 on a 4.00 U.S. scale.

University: University of Mississippi

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

Please adhere to the instructions below to apply for this scholarship.

1. There is no need to submit a separate scholarship application. You simply need to apply to the university for undergraduate degrees.

2. Add the ensuing files to your uploads:

  • proficiency
  • Copy of passport.
  • Personal statement
  • Copies of academic transcript,
  • Pre-qualification degree
  • Certificates of the English language

5. University of Miami Stamps Scholarship

The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is open to undergraduate students from abroad and is fully funded. In addition to full tuition, usual accommodation and board, textbooks, a one-time stipend for the purchase of a computer, and standard room and board, this scholarship offers $12,000 for undergraduate research and conferences.

University: University of Miami

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

To apply for the University of Miami Stamps Scholarship, please complete these steps:

  • Complete and submit the Common Application online.
  • The following paperwork should be sent to the address listed on the official website:
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Official English Test Scores
  • Send in your financial aid paperwork.
  • Check the status of your application.

6. Berea College Scholarships

A completely financed undergraduate award for international students is the Berea College Scholarship. For the first year of enrolment, the scholarship offers full assistance to all enrolled international students.

University: Berea College

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting an application for the Berea College Scholarship:

  • To know if you qualify, carefully review the conditions.
  • To begin the online application form, click here.
  • To be considered for admission to Berea College, mail your completed application and all other paperwork to 209 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403, USA.

7. Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University

Treasure Scholarships offers fully compensated grants to international students. Only undergraduate programs are eligible for these grants. This scholarship covers $8,460 for each academic year.

University: Boise State University

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

For Treasure Scholarship application procedures, kindly complete these steps:

  • Fill out the application for the university here.

The Gem Scholarship is given out automatically. You will be given the Gem Scholarship if you meet the minimum requirements and submit your complete application before the deadline. Visit the official Site Here.

8. Clark Global Scholarship Program

The Clark Global Scholarship Program 2021 offers a fully funded undergraduate scholarship for international students. This scholarship program offers grants between $15,000 and $25,000 for four years if the student maintains the necessary GPA.

University: Clark University

Study Level: Undergraduate

How to Apply:

For information on how to apply for the Clark Global Scholarship Program, please read the following:

  • You must first create an account before you can proceed.
  • Fill out the Financial Aid PROFILE form provided by the College Scholarship Service (CSS).
  • By the deadline, complete and submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.
  • You will then get comprehensive instructions on how to apply for the scholarship, along with the subject of the brief essay. Visit the official site to learn more about this scholarship.

9. AAUW International Fellowship Program

The AAUW Fellowship Program has completely funded this scholarship. The organization offering this award is the American Association of University Women, USA. Students from every country around the globe are welcome to submit an application to study abroad.

This scholarship is only available for graduate and postgraduate study in any field that is provided by the university. Annual prizes from $18,000 to $30,000 are available through the AAUW Fellowship Program, subject to renewal criteria.

University: The American Association of University Women

Study Level: Masters/ PhD / Postdoctoral

How to Apply:

Please follow the crucial steps below to apply for an AAUW Fellowship:

  • Create the following paperwork:
  • In your pursuit of intellectual endeavors, three instructors or professional colleagues who are familiar with you, your work, and your academic background may serve as recommenders.
  • services for m dossiers
  • evidence of the greatest level.
  • evidence of ongoing enrollment (currently enrolled applications only).
  • evidence of a bachelor’s degree
  • evidence of a Ph.D. or M.F.A. (postdoctoral applicants only).
  • the official declaration of TOEFL test results or waiver application.
  • a letter of acceptance.
  • C.V./Résumé
  • Pass the eligibility test in order for the selection committee to consider you.
  • Fill out the form, then submit it.
  • Get more information about this scholarship from their official website.

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